Hello wonderful supporters!

PrOOF re-writes are underway. Head to the ’READ’ section to see the latest stuff. There’s a much darker tone, so be warned, it’s not for the squeamish, and it’s not necessarily safe for work. Hey, this is supposed to be a Horror book, yeah?

Speaking of Horror, the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest is getting VERY competitive.  My wife, Alexandra Welch’s novel GRIMALKIN has slipped into a 5th place tie. Visit her page to view the moody BOOK TRAILER she’s authored, and please consider supporting GRIMALKIN!

Still in the Horror Contest lead is Patrick R. Delaney’s The House that Fell from the Sky, but his lead is eroding. Patrick is a class-act and his book deserves your attention. Give it a look!

Lastly, the lovely and talented Dean Fearce and my endeavor, Ruining Boise, is getting shellacked in the Mystery and Thriller contest. And we’re ok with that, since we both have our cute button-noses to the cute button-grindstones on our main books, MINE and PrOOF. But y’know, I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug it.

Books make great Xmas gifts, by the way. Even if you can’t hold them in your sweaty little hands quite yet.

Happy Thanksgiving to those so inclined to celebrate it, and happy...mid-week...football to the rest, I suppose.


An update a year in the making...

Last year, November 1st 2017, was my first day of life knowing that I would be a published author. Yeah, it would take a lot of hard work, but it was what I signed up for. It was my dream - to see a book on the shelf of a book store or Library with my name on the spine. 11/1/17 was a great day.

11/1/18 is still pretty good, but I find myself burdened with guilt over my progress on PrOOF. I am, of course, doing my best...but that doesn’t mean I consider my best ’good enough.’ But each day is a new chance to start over, and start over today I have.

I’ve made the decision to change one small aspect of PrOOF back to its original Vampire and the Dragon origins. It’s my hope that this will help to kick start a lot of work on my part, because frankly, I’ve fallen way behind. November being NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, like I need to tell most of you that...) presents the perfect opportunity for me to put my nose to the damn grindstone.

Located at this link, you will find a new - yet very familiar - excerpt for PrOOF. Please enjoy, and get an idea of where things are headed for this story.

Thank YOU - every single one of you folks getting this update - for your support, patience, and patient support during the last year plus. We’ll get there, one way or another.

Shameless Plugs:

Ruining Boise - written by me and this guy - is alone in 3rd place of the 2018 Inkshares Mystery/Thriller Contest. Top 3 get published IF they have 250 unique readers (or unless Inkshares decides to publish regardless of unique reader count). We couldn’t have gotten here without most of you. With the rest of you, we’ll succeed even...better-er.

My wife’s first novel - GRIMALKIN - is alone in 3rd place of the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest. Once again, most of you guys are responsible for that as well. Much love. Keep supportin’. She deserves this.

Lastly, Patrick R. Delaney is just a fantastic human being (moonlighting as a talented writer) whose book The House That Fell from the Sky is in FIRST  place in the aforementioned Horror Contest. He deserves that as well - consider supporting his tome, especially if you’re into haunted houses!

Thank you all!

Lots of things to cover. An update, some more grovelling, etc...

Work continues on PrOOF - I’ve uploaded the new prologue to Inkshares - you can read it here. It’s short, but will hopefully whet your appetite for more.
As always, your patience with me is appreciated.

2 things I want to ask for this time.
1.)  Please consider throwing your support behind two books in the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest:

a.) Grimalkin, written by none other than my lovely wife Alexandra Welch. This is going to be a Young Adult (YA) Urban/Dark Fantasy, but certainly has some Horror elements in it. I know what Aly has planned for this trilogy, and the scope if it is WAY beyond anything my little brain would be able to conceive of. If Aly is able to place in the top 3 of the contest with 250 unique readers, she’ll be published. Just like me, last year. This would be life-changing for our family.  If you support me in any way, please consider following and buying a copy of Grimalkin.

b.) Similarly, there’s another book which is already firmly at #2 in the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest - The House That Fell From the Sky by Patrick R Delaney. Patrick is a class-act and already an award winning author. I’ve put my support fully behind this book and this writer, long before Aly threw her hat in the ring. I’m confident that The House... is going to be a huge success, both in print and likely in other media. You should board the bandwagon early, in my humble opinion.

2.) Lastly, there’s Dean Fearce and my book Ruining Boise languishing in 4th place of the 2018 Inkshares Mystery/Thriller Contest. Dean and I are ready to make a big promotional push on this one, as we both feel that it’s a very viable story, and will be ripe for conversion into TV/Movie media as well. The premise is Weeds meets Breaking Bad and gets a cat and an apartment. There are samples up on the book’s Inkshares page. Please consider following AND grabbing a copy of this book - Dean and I thank you in advance for your wonderful support.  Reviews/Recommendations from Inkshares authors are especially welcomed!

That’s it for the grovelling for now - thank you all for your support!

~Michael James Welch

An update, an apology, a plea...

Update:  PrOOF is coming along - it is a full rewrite, and, as such, is happening in fits and starts.  I have completed the Prologue and first 2 chapters - 3k words. I’m about to start working on Stephen’s ’entrance’ in chapter 3, and from there, the story will hit the ground running and never look back. But between work, family and illness, I’m behind schedule. For this, committed supporters, I apologize. PrOOF remains my #1 priority outside of my family and my day job.
Apology: I know I said I wasn’t going to ask for anything else. That’s changed. I have entered 2 additional Inkshares contests (important because I’m only realizing my dream due to YOUR support PrOOF in last year’s Horror Contest), 1 with The New Economy in the 2018 Horror Contest (which I have decided not to push on), and 2 with Ruining Boise in the 2018 Mystery/Thriller Contest.  My co-author, Dean Fearce, and I have decided to try to make Ruining Boise our 2nd try at realizing both of our dreams - being able to write full time for a living, to provide for our families, to live as creative artists.
Plea:  I’ve worked out that if only 100 of you amazing folks who support PrOOF - which currently has 300 followers, and sold 137 copies to individual readers - decide to contribute $10 (for an ebook) each to support Ruining Boise, then Dean can come up with his own 100 supporters, and we can work out the last 50. We’ve already sold to 12 individual readers. We need to hit 250 total.  We are currently in firm control of 3rd place. We only need to obtain 3rd place and 250 individual orders, and then we’ll be published. Further to the point, it takes getting published for Inkshares to do their magic and work on getting Ruining Boise into the hands of Agents/Production Companies so it can be developed into other media (film, TV), which Inkshares has actually had great success with. As always - if we end up not getting published, your money will be refunded.

I know this is a lot to ask, given that I (nor Dean) have officially delivered on what (he and) I originally asked you for support with. We trust you to understand our situation - you’re peeking behind the curtain of how books are made and how they get turned into other media. Thank you, and please contact me with anything you need or want to know - mikexwelch@gmail.com


Michael James Welch

Can lightning strike twice?

Dean Fearce and I were happy to place Ruining Boise into the 2018 Inkshares Mystery/Thriller contest more or less as a goof, and to help keep our name on the tips of everyone’s tongues. And if it actually succeeded, well...

And then Inkshares went and unveiled another contest right on top of it...the 2018 Inkshares Horror Contest!

And, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I have submitted my OTHER horror book into the contest (and as of this writing, it’s in sole possession of first place) - The New Economy.

A little about The New Economy - it started as a straight forward Zombie Apocalypse tale, then I had the idea to take the theme (what still holds value when the world around you ends?) and expand it to multiple stories....then I figured I’d rope in some of my favorite Inkshares authors and make it an Anthology...and then figured out that Inkshares can’t deal with more than 2 authors at once...and then changed it back to just me, but as a collection of short stories/novellas that use the same theme: what still matters - holds value - when the world changes/ends?

So, just like a few weeks ago, I’m not here to ask anyone for more money.  I’m over 3000 words into the complete re-write of PrOOF (formerly The Vampire and the Dragon) and still committed to that book first and foremost. If you feel like supporting The New Economy, I will not stand in your way, and I’ll very much appreciate it. Honestly, it’s an honor to be in the company of other stories/authors on the Inkshares site.

I would ask that you cruise over to The New Economy Inkshares page, however  - and sign up as a follower.  That way, if you’re interested at all in that book, you’ll see the updates I have to share from that page, and I won’t have to bother you nice PrOOF supporters about it again.



Back in 2017, as I was begging each and every one of you to buy my book, I was neck and neck in a Contest against Dean Fearce, author of MINE (formerly ’Murder Happens’)...and a strange thing happened:

Bromance blossomed. I decided that I liked the cut of his gib. I wanted to hang out with Dean. At the very least, I wanted to write with him.

Dean, being the fierce lone wolf he is, was diplomatically non-committal. Then I showed him the very beginnings of a story I’d been thrashing my brain against since 2010 - Ruining Boise - and an amazing thing happened:  Dean said he’d work on that book with me because he liked the premise even more than he liked his independence, or me.

Enter late 2018, both Dean and I are both nose-to-the-grindstone working to bang out final versions of our respective, contest-winning books:  Mine was formerly ’The Vampire and the Dragon’, now titled ’PrOOF’ - the very book you pre-ordered, and his aforementioned MINE.  Inkshares decides to hold their first contest in over a year - the 2018 Inkshares Mystery & Thriller Contest.  Since Ruining Boise is a crime/mystery/suspense tale, I looked at Dean (me seated in Western NY, he seated in Northern CA) and said, "Should we?"  Famous last words, perhaps?

I don’t expect anyone on this email to buy a copy of Ruining Boise - even though it is technically funding. I feel I’ve already asked for far too much with PrOOF, and won’t ask for any more of your hard-earned money. If you love the concept of the book and want to pre-order one, I cannot and will not stop you, but make no mistake; this email is not asking you to buy anything. All I’m asking is that you utilize your Inkshares account to follow the book - the link is peppered throughout this email, but here it is one more time:  RUINING BOISE

Dean and I love the premise of this book and feel that it’s fair to test if there’s a market for it. We don’t have very high expectations. Above all, both of us remain humbled and grateful for all the support you’ve shown us over the past year plus. We hope the looming holiday season and 2019 will be a boon and blessing to you all!

Thanks - Michael James Welch

Supporters...you wonderful, handsome/beautiful supporters, you...

If you head to this link:

you will be able to read the entire (abandoned) first draft of the novel. Since I am re-writing the novel with a new plot from the ground up, I figured it would be safe to have you all able to read what got us this far. Forgive any formatting weirdness - it’s all part and parcel of copy/pasting it onto the Inkshares site.

Stephen still exists, and he will interact with a dragon. Jones and O’Bannon will still be the agents representing PrOOF. But Stephen’s journey will differ wildly from what was originally written.

It’s my hope that you enjoy reading what might’ve been - and take joy and knowing that what does finally get published (as PrOOF: Preservation of Occult Figures) will be head and shoulders above this work.


Michael James Welch

The biggest update on this book/series that you’ll ever read.

My development email finally came (from my development editor @ Inkshares), and they like the character of the vampire, and they like the world-building. Most of all, they like the idea of a ‘Men In Black for the supernatural instead of aliens’ concept. Or, at the very least, want that concept expanded.

I’ve been anticipating this day for close to a year now. I knew it was going to bring changes, require me to kill darlings, etc etc etc.  Within 30 minutes of reading the email, I already knew which direction I needed to head with this story. Within 18 hours, the development editor @ Inkshares was in agreement that my planned changes were the direction they’d hoped for.

SO. Here are the changes: 

1.)    The Vampire and the Dragon will be going by a different name. Originally, this is one of the things I was willing to fight about until the end, but with the changes that are being made, it no longer makes any sense. PrOOF, the agency (Preservation of Occult Figures), is moving front and center. The title will likely be PrOOF: something something.  Possibly just PrOOF.  Possibly the whole thing spelled out. Unsure.

2.)    It’s possible that this will still be a series rather than a standalone book. Nothing is promised, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if the story and characters and concept are strong enough to warrant a series. Again, see MiB…they made…what, 4 of those films?

3.)    Everything good about The Vampire and the Dragon and none of the bad is staying. Trust me when I say that doing this the way I plan to do it removes every single thing I hated about my original plot (but had painted myself into a corner and forced myself to live with) and retains almost exactly everything I liked about my plot; if not exactly, then in spirit. But more likely, exactly.

4.)    Many of you did not follow the sequels I had planned – The Vampire and the Wendigo and The Vampire and the Djinn. That’s fine now, as those two books (and their plots/concepts) are going to be folded into The Vampire and the Dragon’s plot. They all dovetail rather nicely.

Soon you’ll see changes to my marketing materials – the FB page, the Inkshares pages, etc…to reflect the direction that the book/series is heading. Everything will have the name ‘PrOOF’ front and center.

I have to say that my initial dismay only lasting about 20 minutes before I was defending the very changes the dev editor was suggesting is about as good as it gets. I feel badly for my fellow authors who were not able to twist their own stories, characters and plots to meet the suggested changes that their own dev editors gave to them, and I sympathize for the positions they were in. I feel very grateful that what’s been suggested to me does not violate the spirit of the story I wanted to tell, but instead raises it from a small tale to a very, very large tale, with much higher stakes.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this – I know it’s been a minute or two since you plunked down your hard-earned money to help support my dream. I don’t take any of that for granted for even a moment. I’m still hoping for a late 2019 publishing date, but there’s a LOT of things that have to be done between now and then – including a complete re-write of the entire book. Stick with me, folks, and I promise you I’ll write the best story I’m capable of writing. And you’ll be holding the PrOOF in your own hands when I’m through.


Michael James Welch

It’s official. 

Last night, I emailed Inkshares the manuscript for PrOOF Vol. 1: The Vampire and the Dragon...along with a copy of (hopefully) the cover art, my intended author bio pic, my dedication/thank yous, and lots of other stuff related to the book (marketing stuff). 

I am free, for the first time since 2013. Until Inkshares replies, and then the REAL work starts on this book.

Thank you all for your support! The rubber is about to meet the road in a big way!

Michael James Welch

Work continues on The Vampire and the Dragon, PrOOF Vol. 1.  In order to solidify the trilogy, I’ve skipped ahead to some key points in books 2 and 3.  This will ensure that no ’ret-conning’ becomes necessary if books 2 and 3 should be published as well, which is my hope.

Here’s a taste of what’s going on in PrOOF Vol 3 - The Vampire and the Djinn:


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