Michael James Welch's latest update for PrOOF - Preservation Of Occult Figures

Dec 1, 2017

12/1/17 has come and (in 2 hours) gone without me finishing the manuscript to submit to Inkshares. I figured this would be a bit of a stretch anyhow, but had to set a goal for myself. Between struggling with unemployment and all the joy it entails and the demands of this holiday season, I’ve been a busy camper.  Still, progress has been made.  I’m at a solid 21k+ words and plan to more than double that before I submit to Oakland.

The good news is - I’ve fully fleshed out the plots and quite a few details for books 2 and 3 of the PrOOF trilogy.  Their pages are below, and they feature the story synopses:
I would love for anyone who’s following The Vampire and the Dragon, PrOOF vol. 1 to also follow these two sequels. Stephen’s tale is only beginning with this first volume. Thank you!

Susan K. Hamilton is a really nice human being. And while that doesn’t automatically make her a good writer, she’s a great one of those as well.  Please consider lending your support to her 2nd novel, which is currently funding and in need of about 30-40 sales. I’ve bought two and my wife has bought one. Time for all the rest of you to discover the splendor of The Devil You Don’t:   https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-devil-you-don-t

Remember - any Inkshares titles that don’t meet minimum funding (in Susan’s case, 250 books) result in a full refund of your money.  This is a low risk, high reward proposition.

Speaking of propositions - Dean Fearce has his button nose to the grindstone out in sunny CA, working on bringing Murder Happens ( https://www.inkshares.com/books/murder-happens ) to full, bloody life. Buy one if you haven’t already.  It’s cheaper now that he won the contest.  Bastard.

Thanks for your time and support, all.  Now I’m going to Shut Up and Write, just like my Twitter ( https://twitter.com/mikexwelch ) cover photo exhorts me to do.