Thea Tiffany Alger and Kelly Graniel
Interesting and intriguing premise. Love it and definitely recommend this book. Especially for reluctant vampire
William Schiele
The Vampire and the Dragon opens with a very engaging, gradually developing conversation between the protagonist and two guys playing an excellent version of Good Cop - Bad Cop.  Whether or not they're actually cops remains enticingly unrevealed.  Michael Welch's dialogue and scene descriptions are impressive and I think this book will be an excellent read.  
Stephen Carignan
The  Vampire and the Dragon promises to be a great addition to the world of fiction. Set in the current world with all its pop culture glory, one vampire is called upon to deal with a  problem he is uniquely suited for-- a dragon. Welch manages to convey an overly positive tone to serious characters so that nothing comes across hackney or over done. A great read.               
Craig A. Munro
A more dark and real spin on vampires with black humor and a dash of extreme supernatural thrown in (like a dragon!)
Irazema Castillo
The language is clear and beautiful without being lofty or forceful. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Bryn Hagan
This story hooks you straight from the start and wastes no time getting straight into the action and conflict. The subtle, dryish humour comes through naturally. I've never read a vampire book before, but I like this, and I like the twist - the bit about the vamp being controlled by a telepath in choosing his victims.Well done.
John Robin
Dragons in the Arctic and vampires with government agents? WOW!
M Munro
Neat idea. Strong opening. Hate Jones already and curious about how a vampire fights a dragon. Guess depends on what type of dragon he will be facing.
Rebekka S. Leber
Something about this whole idea smacks of Christopher Moore.
Looks exelent!