Sam is a nine-year-old boy who has figured out the scientific answer to anyone’s spooky problems (with a little help from his brother and grandma).  There are no such things as ghosts, vampires or aliens, only strange energy that gets attached to stuff.  People give him their “cursed” belongings, he applies some grade-school science, and their terrors disappear for good.

But then Lily, a girl in the grade above him, arrives outside his house one night surrounded by this dark energy, and it keeps coming back whatever Sam tries to do to help.  Can they work together to find the answer, and where in the maze of Washington, DC’s streets and monuments will it lead them?

About the book:

In this story I’m trying to make the unmagical fantastic. No ghosts, witches, chosen ones...just a boy who has worked out the cause of everyone’s spooky problems and a girl with a problem she can’t solve. It’s middle-grade contemporary soft sci-fi!

It’s set in Washington, DC, so diversity is central. Sam’s family comes from Wales, Lily’s from Senegal, Leo’s from the Ukraine, etc. I also wanted the girl who likes dancing to be the muscle and the boy who doesn’t like being outside to be the brains; both has something the other needs, and are equal protagonists (I hope - stereotypes are so prevalent that escaping their gravity is constant work). Being DC I also wanted to plug into the House of Cards/West Wing thing of everyone being SMART and talking fast, but apply that to kids. I’m probably less successful there :)

I’ve finished writing book two in the series, and am looking at six in total, all mapped out already. If Inkshares doesn’t work out I was toying with the idea of putting Book One up for free as a try-before-you buy for the rest of the series.

All and any feedback is very welcome! Thanks, David