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My name is Kacie Idol. I’m married and have the most beautiful and audacious baby girl. I was born and raised in the small town of Kernersville, North Carolina. Population=congested. As the middle child of 3 sisters, I’ve always had a certain fire in me; whether it was fighting over who got the front seat or making questionable decisions myself just to say that it was my choice.

So far my life experiences have taught me hundreds of lessons, even if it was the hard way. I’ve also seen a lot of close friends go through some pretty crazy things in their personal lives and relationships too; the kind of stuff movies are made of. These experiences in love, lust, regret and heartbreak inspired me to write a story about a young woman’s life; growing, learning and loving. I thought about it for months before I actually started to write it all out, but on November 1st, 2014, the character of Corinne was born. She’s a pretty cool and fun loving girl living in a popular beach town in North Carolina. Corinne seemed like she had it all together. With her looks, personality and charisma, one might assume she had it all but the one thing she lacked was what she wanted more than anything. She finally discovers that sometimes you have to take your happily ever after into your own hands.

This story is her journey to find herself and the discovery of where true happiness lies, whether it’s in the arms of a certain someone from her past, or in a dream she forgot she had. The question is, what does she want? And when she finds it, what will she do with it?

I have already written the entire story containing 22 chapters and am very eager for feedback regarding chapter’s 1-4. Let me know your thoughts, please!