"The Time before time." recounts the lives of the Immortals before the existence of time as we know it. Their unhurried lives were lived in bejeweled worlds, realms and dimensions adorned with unheard of riches, wealth, beauty and power. Worlds made of precious metals and gemstones; where pure gold was common as rocks.

Worlds and kingdoms where peace and beauty was abundant far beyond that which any human have ever seen.

World which knew nothing of pain, suffering or yearning. These emotions were very alien to the residents of such beauty.

They lived in supernatural powered laden worlds and realms---places which legends and fairy tales are made of. But I will leave it up to readers to decide whether such worlds ever actually existed.


"The Time before time" is about an existence of time predating the universe as we know it. What were those we once called gods and goddesses really like? What were their worlds like? In a world aided by power beyond our comprehension. The aither (sky) is the length. Bear in mind the immortals are in many ways like us. But just graced with immortality.