The Book

The Tide of Madness is book 2 in a planned trilogy. If you haven’t read the first novel, I encourage you to do so, as I don’t spend any time recapping previous events. Also, while I do have much more material and tonnes of stories that I think worth exploring in this world, you can rest assured, there will be closure for most, if not all, story arcs by the end of the third novel.

The Tide of Madness is currently about 50% complete. The full cast of (surviving) characters from book 1 return here with a few new additions. I have had the complete story mapped out in great detail for some time, and now have numerous chapters written including most of the end (the climax is always so much fun to write I couldn’t resist starting with it). I am a little behind schedule if only because The Tide of Madness promises to be a slightly longer book - I’m guessing in the 600-650-page range at this point. Thank you for your interest and for following along with the book’s development!

The posted chapter is the teaser that was published at the end of The Bones of the Past. I will update these chapters with new material as we go on. I’ve already made a few minor changes to Tides and the posted excerpts are now slightly out of sync chronologically.

About the Author

I am a complete fanatic of fantasy books and have been since my parents handed a copy of the Hobbit to their nine-year-old son who, until that moment, absolutely hated to read. I am also very much into gaming in all its forms and a recovering MMO addict.

I have worked in a variety of fields from government, to language instruction, to tech blogging, all while somehow earning a degree in molecular biology.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel extensively. I have lived in nine countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, and have travelled to many more besides. It is my hope that my experience with different cultures and places in the real world has helped to enhance my imaginary one.

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