Thank you for reading! I started writing this book over a year ago and put every bit of free time I can into it. I’ve got most of it finished, but am still editing and revising what I’ve done.

I’m terrible at summarizing things, but I suppose the basic idea of this book is about the characters coping with past events and dealing with the change around them. I really enjoy getting inside the heads of the characters I make and prying open their thoughts for everyone to see.

The story is heavily steeped in a science fiction background. Space travel. Adventure. Mayhem. I’ve always enjoyed anything that has to do with outer space.

Again, thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read what I’ve posted. I’ll post more chapters if I get the chance to, but like I said, I’m usually busy trying to flesh out more ideas for the book. Any feedback (good or bad) is very welcomed.