My name is Jessica S. Carter, and I write Science Fiction. The Technicolor Prohibition is my second standalone novel.

It’s Science Fiction. It’s LGBTQ friendly. The idea struck me years ago, when the LGBTQ movement was gearing up for change. What if being a homosexual meant being infertile? What would happen to the world if being gay meant being barren? I first thought of Donna Meadows as an indifferent protagonist, fighting with her own identity in a world where sexual orientation dictates stature.

The Technicolor Prohibition was born as a result.

A brief synopsis:

Donna Meadows is a lesbian. She’s sure of it.

But when Opt-In Day arrives, The Council mislabels her a fertile heterosexual. Donna is pushed into a world of luxury and status-- but there’s a catch: Donna must have and raise a child with a suitable mate-- a man named Trent she grows to despise.

In a world where fertility rules status; and homosexuals are biologically incapable of having children; where does Donna stand?

Can she accept her lie of a lifestyle? She’s always imagined a modest life free of servitude and obligation. Can Donna live a life of complacency and obedience?

What happens when she falls in love with Tess, a homosexual her husband adopts from The Enclosure? How can she act on a love deemed forbidden by the elite society she’s sent to called Paradise? What will happen when The Council recognizes its misjudgment?

And how will the world react to the news of the first lesbian birth?

I welcome you to meet Donna Meadows. And welcome to The Technicolor Prohibition.