Artemis, Apollo (her twin brother), and Cody (Apollo’s girlfriend/Artie’s best friend) have been together for years. They learned to use their abilities together, they studied about the world of their ancestors (the Greek gods), and are facing young adulthood together. Artie and Apollo’s mother, Willow was kidnapped when they were young children and they need to find her, but they can’t do this until they complete their team and pass three challenges. Enter Jonah - a hot young piece that completes their team and unlocks something in Artie she never knew she needed. Join Artie as she navigates her family, telekinetic ability, and unique love story in which she refuses to participate. 

This book is for all those women that don’t like being told to be a "lady" and for all those young adults trying to find their destination. This story is like if Percy Jackson were a girl who was college age and meant serious business.

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