Back of the Book

In life, there are some people who never leave their countries or provinces; some never even leave their hometowns. This was much the case for Zenni Ruvall, who lived a quiet, largely monastic lifestyle as a priestess of Lael. Sure, she saw a few sights when the roving capital came to her remote island, or as ships passed by, or on rare healing trips to the mainland, but nothing too dramatic. That is, until she met the spunky, charismatic Andy Baxter, a ’runner’ from a place simply called the Town. After this fateful meeting, Zenni joins this ragtag band of otherworlders to try and track down one woman’s lost son, before an ancient prophecy awakens and an evil swallows not only her own world of Havath, but all the others and ... the space between.


About Me

As you’ve likely guessed being kind and literate folk, my name is Chrissy Cook and I have a book that has been trying to bust out of my fingertips for over a decade now. I grew up in the small town of Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada, where I was surrounded by trees, snow, and the incredible mix of people that make up my home. More importantly, however, I grew up surrounded by mythical heroes who regularly drank beer at our kitchen table and laughed until the wee hours of the morning slaying trolls and the like, saving worlds time and again - these of course masquerading as a local plumber, a watch repairman, a banker, and my own father in daylight hours. I grew up on their tales as well as more formal works by the likes of Weis and Hickman, Gaiman, and Tolkein. Since I learned the written word, I have dreamed of joining their ranks and as early as the fifth grade, began developing one of the key worlds you will experience in The Space Between.

Since my childhood, I have lived and studied in many different places, ranging from Cambodia to my current home in the Netherlands, and I have soaked up these beautiful cultures and ideas, loving (almost) every second of it. The blending of these ideas over my lifetime have led to the creation of not just one, but all ten of the worlds you will see, not to mention the space between itself. I have spent my professional life thus far studying Psychology, earning two degrees in the subject. I am currently working on a PhD in Communications research in addition to my writing endeavours. This fascination with people and how they work has led to a passion for character development and depth, which I hope to show you as I upload chapters for you to peruse over the course of the next few months.

I’ve always kept the project close to my heart, and now with the launch of Geek and Sundry’s fantasy contest, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal (commander! ... Galaxy Quest, anyone?). I am beyond thrilled and nervous to be sharing this journey with you, and I sincerely hope that you get swept away as much as I have.

Stay tuned for updates on draft progress and thank-yous and all the wonderful things that happen between writers and readers and everyone in between.