Toni Adwell
It is certainly an interesting concept, and there's nothing like a newly discovered prophesy to kick-off a story. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the worlds and the Town, as well as Nat's son and the story behind that.

There are a few technical issues, such as switching from Third Person POV to First Person POV in one paragraph. Or not italicizing character thoughts, and a few other things easily corrected through edits. Maybe because Nat is such a closed-off character, but I'm not getting a sisterly vibe between them. It feels more like a subordinate-superior relationship, especially how she describes Nat never going on runs, and being a 'big gun'. If it was sisterly, there would be more interplay between the characters, perhaps bantering--even if it's only one-sided. Right now it feels uncomfortable, and Andy trying to console her comes off as a little awkward and out of place. The age gap lends to this.

In all, though, good job.
David Schilling
Good characters, evocative phrases, engaging story, looking forward to whatever else will come!
Eliza Stopps
The Space Between captures alternating perspectives in a unique way. Two women are asked to embark on an adventure and find the key before someone else does. Intense dialogue, flowing descriptions, and stunning characters build a journey you won't want to look up from. I cannot wait to see this one hitting the presses.
Joseph Phelps
First impressions are kind of amazing.  This prologue has an obviously grand feeling to it, with complex settings and massive potential.  The writing is solid, with very few errors apparent.  My main point of enjoyment so far has been the authors amazing descriptive abilities.  Unique and poignant similes and metaphors abound.  Very enjoyable read, I look forward to much more.