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Thank you for visiting my page! This is a culmination of an idea I had when I was sixteen, years of hard work to overcome learning disabilities, and my commitment to the craft. The Inkshares community has been insanely supportive, and I can imagine no greater resting place for The Sleeping Man, or as my daughter would call it, The Day the Crayons Quit.

I want to publish, for no other reason than to take that step. I will also be donating half of the profits from TSM pre-order campaign to the Children’s Literary Initiative (www.cli.org). The last of the Dreamwalkers must race to find any way to stop the ceaseless expansion of the Volto Empire. As they stamp out any non human element they encounter, The Sleeping Man must use his unique powers of navigating the realm of dreams to solve the mysterious disappearance of his people and unlock his true potential. Through this unique world, he will encounter creatures only seen in dreams, like the one below:

The Sleeping Man: