Noah Welsh
Compelling from the first paragraph. In its first few pages, it creates the bones of a mythology that is both frightening and intriguing. Diving into the meat of the world is almost certain to be a rewarding treat.
Adam Greven and Matt Deller
Well-written, great pacing, heavy with suspense, a memorable introduction to a truly-interesting character in the Sleeping Man...
Theron Couture
Engaging and fluid, The Sleeping Man uses a vivid interplay of gross physical reality and character focused subjectivity to offset the reader's perception. The result is an uncanny feeling that one has moved beyond material sense of presence and entered a magical reality in which the logic of dreams has seeped into the physics of existence.
Michael Sebby
The Sleeping Man truly emulates the wispy, floating quality of a dream state. Carignan is able to grasp and describe abstract concepts to the reader in a way that makes sense to advancing the story. His descriptions of beings such as the Cannoi and fellow dreamers are both beautiful and horrifying. The world Carignan paints is lonely and mysterious -- one which I look forward to exploring further. Dream-based novels are near and dear to my heart, and I envy Carignan's uncanny ability to recreate the intricacies of how we experience dreams.
Louise Lindell
The Sleeping Man draws you into its dream world immediately. Carignan's writing style is detail-rich, and full of provocative imagery. This tale, in its exploration of the dream world and the danger and adventure waiting there, is one that I shall readily return to for more. 
Kirsty L Jennings
The story is very strong and immerses the reader into its very rich and visual detail and description that just seem to flow from word to word and sentence to sentence. I was immediately hooked by the imagination and the way the story unfolds effortlessly in front of you. It is a truly compelling read and I certainly can't wait to read more of this intriguing book.
Rebecca Getzinger
The first chapter is very surreal and lives up to what is promised- Its like a twist on a story that you think you've heard before, yet not quite. The main character makes me think of a sandman who happens to be a swordsman and I'm curious to see where this goes when I read the next few chapters.
Thea Tiffany Alger and Kelly Graniel
Very rich in details. I love having to be immersed into a book as you have done right from the beginning. I couldn't stop reading.
A.C. Weston
The reader is immediately immersed in a thorough, complex world with lots of promises of what's to come. The prophetic verses are a real draw - they're intense and create a great sense of meaning and excitement for the coming story.
Alex Bittner
I love a book that explores the edge between our world and the dream world and The Sleeping Man does not disappoint. With an intriguing titular main character and a stark landscape the first chapter reminds me slightly of the first book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I am curious to see where this story goes and how far in the Dreamscape the Sleeping Man will take the reader.