Michael Sebby
Epic fantasy novels can sometimes be cumbersome to ease into, but Grace's world is so easily accessible and complex at the same time. She masterfully immerses you into the plot while painting a beautiful backdrop for the characters to interact in. The swelling sibling rivalry between Thom and Dedric makes for great tension in the story, and kept me engaged for the entire first two chapters as the conflict unfolded. The suspense propels the story forward with the reader anxious to find out what's around the next corner.
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Jeyna Grace works magic literally and figuratively in The Slave Prince.  The story may have a familiar motif, but this is all new, and thoroughly engrossing. Coming from a family of two brothers, I could directly relate to the dynamic we see in the early chapters. With the character and world building present in this telling, this novel deserves to be read - and by a wide audience.
Thomas J. Arnold
The opening paints a beautiful glimpse of a wondrous land and its downfall fitting for any fairy tale, while the next two chapters weaves the narrative into excellent characterizations for the main characters so that you quickly feel invested in their lives. I'm eager to read more and find out how Thom continues to cope with his revelation, and to find out if his brotherhood with Dedric can be saved. With Jeyna's terrific narrative I'm sure that the full book will be an inspiring read that I'm impatient for.
Joshua Griffith
This is a must-have for my collection and I highly recommend this one! I'm intrigued to see that Thom is adopted and would love to find out how and why this tidbit was kept secret. Like the prince, my curiosity is piqued and I want to read more.
JF Dubeau
I really enjoy the way Jeyna Grace does spinoffs of classic literature. Instead of the tired old tropes of dark and edgy retellings, she keeps to the mood and feel of the originals. Where The Wizard of Oz had a strange mixture or dark and whimsical, The Battle for Oz follows the same road and it looks like The Slave Prince is no different. I'm looking forward to reading this second book in her series. A worthy successor to the source material.
Brian Guthrie
The author goes from mixing fairy tales to writing about a slave prince. Worth a look:-)
Fernando Crôtte
How fun it is to experience a new story in a familiar fictional world many of us know and love. It's classic Jeyna style!
Ryan Cook
Take your time with the first few chapters of The Slave Prince. Read it. Ingest it. Savor it. Chapter 2 will take ahold of you and you won't be able to break free.
Zac Thompson
Accessible and magical. Jeyna's writing will hold you close and refuse to let go making your mind fire on all cylinders.
Stephen Carignan
From the first paragraphs, The Slave Prince, takes readers on a journey they are not sure they're ready for, but want all the same. While this piece can boast a fully realized world and compelling characters, it can also boast an expert hand to guide the reader through it. I would like to expand on all these points, but I don't want to have to preface the review with SPOILER ALERT, the twists are that good.