The Skaa (a prequel and tie-in to another one of my books, The Perfect Husband, also written with a co-author of mine) is being written with the words fate, love, obligation, and family in mind. So many stories talk about fate and ending up with the one you are meant to be with. But what happens if you purposely try to avoid such a life style and try to make your own way in life, instead of relying on fate and obligation? Can you be successful? Can you be happy?

Human’s were given free will; but for the people of the Skaa universe, free will is something frowned upon. To try and elude fate and obligations only makes their species less of a people. They know to wait for the one they are meant to be with. ’Mates’ is a general term. Were they destined to find romantic love for the rest of their life, or would an everlasting friendship fill their void?

For Gabriel and Amber Curell, the Universe took too long to answer their question, and they chose to wed each other- they knew they loved each other.

At least, until fate decided to intervene.

Will Gabriel abandon the rest of his Skaa heritage; dismissing the deep loyalty his kind are known for, and abandon his family, to be with his mate? Or will he suffer through the consequences of his own choice? Can fate really be blamed for everything? And what is Amber to do?

For Abel, his mate- his friend- was lost long ago. Since then, he’s felt a deep void. Something was always missing.

Now, banished to Earth with his sister, is fate done with him? Or does it have another plan in mind?

Follow the lives of the people of the Skaa planet, learn their ways of life and the world they live in; and let me know personally what would interest you in learning about their Alien planet and lifestyle.

A little romance, a little sci-fi, and a whole lot of fantasy.