There is a village nestled between life and death. For the obedient, it is a bastion of order and tradition. For Melania Trump, it’s a nightmare.

The Silent Scream of Melania Trump follows a fictive First Lady through a land of perpetual night, where cursed beasts prowl and occult forces encircle every aspect of life. To earn her freedom, Melania must choose between murdering for a tyrant or committing an atrocity on those that most need her protection.

What makes this story unique?

Oh! I forgot to mention that our heroine’s also fused to a psychic parasite with a foul mouth and a jones for human misery. And when people speak forbidden thoughts their bones liquefy and their guts race out the first available exit. 

Cool, but what about Donald Trump? 

Melania’s story would be incomplete without her husband’s shadow looming on the periphery. In the universe of this novel Donald Trump is part of a secret order of extra-dimensional samurai indentured to the monstrous shogun. Frankly, the shogun never meant for that to happen - even supernatural dictators make mistakes. How and why Donald Trump inherited his title is revealed in my next book (already written): Donald Trump: Hyperdimensional Samurai: / Book 1: Make America Gator Men. If Silent Scream is funded, Make America Gator Men will be next in line for publication. 

Why is Melania Trump the protagonist?

This story isn’t just about boneless ghouls and gigantic skeletons. It’s about tyranny, the lure of complacency, and the terrible cost of resistance. The real Melania Trump is a polarizing figure, whose silence provides a framework upon which we hang our assumptions. But it’s easy to forget that she grew up under communist rule. She leveraged her resources to transform herself and rose to prominence. This story explores the uncomfortable reconciliation of her former self with the woman she has become.

 Essentially, Silent Scream is written for readers who want to escape to impossible places, laugh, dread, and walk away with meaningful grist to chew over in the real world.  

Sounds cool, right? I’d love to hear your feedback - the more specific, the better! Thank you for reading all of this - let’s escape this nightmare together!