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You’re welcome, @Daniel Beer ! Well, I enjoyed all of your interviews. They were a great channel of promotion for your book, & more of your horror fans should’ve supported you on here.  Keep pursuing your publishing dream!!!  You can always count on me to be one of your readers. :) 
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Hey Daniel. Sorry to hear about your book. It’s a tough thing by  self-doing anything; especially in the arts. I am hopeful that this book will see the light of day; its a great concept and and interesting narrative that I am sure will be relatable in all person’s lives. Try amazon.com. I know of people who have had their stuff self-published as a digital download (although I prefer a tangible product). Good luck mate.

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Me too Rosella. Me too.  I thought all those podcasts I did asking my horror fan base to rally around the book would work.  Some how I’ll get my novel published.  Thanks again for all your support.

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That’s a shame. I really want to read this book of yours.  Hopefully, it will see the light of day somehow.

With Six days left and 17 pre orders,  I will not make my goal to get my book published here on Inkshares.  To everyone who ordered, I thank you  so much. I did everything I could to make this happen.  Inkshares refunds all orders for books that do not make it to publication. They’re very good about that, and will answer any of your questions.  If you have any problems you can message me on my Facebook Fan Page.  Again, I want to thank those of you who ordered and who were encouraging. It means a great deal.   Daniel Beer

I’m an experimental innovator. When I start, I don’t have a clear, articulated idea. I don’t work quickly. I don’t know where I’m going. I work by trial and error. I do endless drafts. I’m perpetually unsatisfied. It takes me time, lots of time to figure out what I have to say. If I don’t go back over things, then I will miss the beauty. It took me years to write my novel, years of rewriting.  Because of the years, I found the music in it. 

I have 28 days left here on Inkshares.  

Thanks Linda

"Fun read. Will make a good gift for a 20 something, avid reader. You have talent! Best wishes."    Only a month left to make it happen.   

Marilyn Ryan · " Can’t wait for the book to come out."   Me too Marilyn. Working hard to get my pre-orders. Facebook adds, podcasts, social media, and more.  Marilyn you’re the tops. Thanks for this comment.  

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Can’t wait for the book to come out

Excerpt from my book.  42 days left to get 200 plus orders. Keep at it Danny boy, keep at it.

                During the next take, my brother forgets to move clockwise on the bed, and in between takes; he drapes the sheet over his shoulders.  Then he realizes he’s playing a guy who’s cheating on one of the prettiest women in the world, "Ally McDonald," with a girl who’s probably a stripper, and it’s the closest he’s come to being with a woman since what happened in his hotel room in San Francisco.  If you even want to call that being with a woman.  Denise says something about his hands being cold.  Then he starts worrying Denise, the crew, and Martin can tell how long it’s been for him, by the way his body stiffens, and he closes his eyes, trying to fake it.  But he’s lousy at it.  He’s worried that they think he’s really lousy at faking it.  What’s worse is that he’s the one on top who has to guide them through the scene.  I freeze; watching them, hoping it will be over soon.  I stare at the lights that make their skin tones look beautiful and think how no one, when they see this up on the screen, will know what really went on.  And it’s over in three takes.  My brother leaps out of the bed, and practically dives into his robe like he’s just finished a cold swim.