Would you avenge a force that stole everything from you?

Countless Huditra villages demolished by a darkness spreading throughout the lands. Thousands slain by the falling shadows. Hate looms over the forgotten lands like heavy fog stifling the little life that’s left. Over the years the Nafarat have been casting their magic, destroying all that’s natural. The War From Nowhere forced those who’ve survived the initial attacks into hiding. Nothing alive was safe. Both Tag, the leader of the Nari, river, people and Athea, the future chief of Dagee, are all that’s left standing of their kind. With their home grounds no longer safe Tag and Athea hit the traveler’s road, each with individual missions. When their paths cross, they reluctantly team up to seek the answers that will lead them to free the land of shadows. Can history and war be put behind them in order to save Huditra?

How The Shadow Bearers started:

We first met when we signed with the same publisher almost two years ago. After getting to know each other through various events, we decided to co-write a fantasy short story. We quickly discovered how great we worked together. Friends first, then co-writers. We love bringing ideas together and transforming them into something even greater. After months of world building, we realized that what started as a short story became something much bigger, it became The Shadow Bearers. Most of The Shadow Bearers is written by both of us at the same time. We work together at each step. Our days filled with messages back forth. Writing dialogue is extra fun. The lands of Huditra have become dear to us. We are thrilled for the opportunity to get it published.

Who are we?

Rebecca Clark:

I am the author of the Stellar Series and Open Graves. Writing has been my dream since I was a child. Imaginary worlds and heroic characters sit at my fingertips waiting to be released. My imagination has led me to many fascinating lands inhabited with characters of all kinds. I have taken that imagination and dream world and put it on paper. You can find out more about me here!

Jayme Beddingfield:

I am a writer of stories. Some are about mystical lands. Some are about antiheroes on the road to redemption. Some are about neither. I am the host and producer of ‘Too Many Words’ a comedy interview podcast with a focus on creating. I write the column In The Matters of Kindness for Feminine Collective. I have been crafting stories since my third-grade assignment to write my own fairy tale. I prefer to work from the sofa with my dogs by my feet. You can learn more about me here!

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Chapter One: Dawning

Chapter Two: Unexpected Destiny

Chapter Three: Lost Locketts

Chapter Four: Shadowed Paths

Chapter Five: Drawn To Darkness

Chapter Six: Evil Alliances 

Chapter Seven: Missing Locketts and Forgotten Prophecies