Melissa Flickinger
Check out this book - I love these two authors.
Stephen Carignan
From the very start, The Shadow Bearers brings and entire world to life and brings the reader along for the ride. There are so many elements that help the world come to life, from fantastic imagery to three dimensional characters. The story line is both engaging and dramatic and paces itself expertly. I look forward to reading more.
Christopher Lee
Clark and Beddingfield have breathed life into a world of shadow, enchantment, and wonder. Their characters are not only well crafted, but feel like real people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. The world feels authentic as you rip through the lines at a blistering pace that will keep you in the fray at all times. If you are looking for fantasy, look no further than shadows. 
Christopher Lee
Gripping action that keeps you always in the fray! If you haven't checked out Shadow Bearers yet, you are missing out.
Chrissy Cook
I tend to favor two heads over one in my reading endeavors, and this pair seems to be one to watch! Looking forward to more.
S.M. Hillman
This seems like a very intriguing book and story. I look forward to seeing it do great things!
Ryan Cook
Several rich and engaging characters are introduced. This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure!
G. A. Finocchiaro
The writing is well crafted and the story is elegantly paced. I'm enjoying it! Check it out!
Kyle T. Cowan
The cover grabbed me, the writing hooked me!
Gabriel Munoz
The Shadow Bearers is a joint effort by two accomplished writers. This fantasy book is a thrill to read.