The Seventh Aspect weaves a narrative around some of the more common alien conspiracy theories, and the mythology of alien/human interactions. This is the first novel of a trilogy that traces our interactions with extraterrestrials in the past, present, and future.


The Arcturians hold the answers to the mysteries of God, death, and the universe itself. They search the galaxy for species with whom they can share their knowledge—but only those that their research deems worthy.

As the Arcturian Curator of Earth, Sam is responsible for the evaluation of the human species. His findings will determine if the Arcturians will share their wisdom, and purge humanity of all its problems. Having lived among us in human form for thousands of years, proving our worth to the Arcturians has been his life’s work. But the Arcturians aren’t here alone…

The Draconis, a race of demonic alien entities, have battled the Arcturians for control of the human race since man first walked. They don’t want to simply dominate or eliminate us. They want to do something much worse.

So far, the Arcturians have been able to prevent the Draconis’ attempts to seize our world. But when the Draconis succeed in killing one of his human subjects, Sam discovers his adversaries have developed a horrifying new way to control all of humanity. Sam must find a way to stop the Draconis’ shocking new plan, and identify the emergence of the Seventh Aspect in humans before it’s too late. If he fails, the Arcturians will have no choice but to abandon the Earth—forcing him to exterminate his beloved humans to protect the rest of the galaxy.