In The Second Time Around, Olive has finally let go of the past (for the most part) and is working toward building a new life for herself and her son, August. It seems like every time she takes a step forward, life shoves her two steps back, but she resolves to fight like hell to keep moving forward.

Again, this story is based upon my own experiences, so:

- You’ll witness Olive’s experiences with parenting her increasingly unmanageable and frustrated child and the lengths she goes to to find the causes behind this and the help he needs.

- Ginger plays a bigger role in this story and without her support Olive would be utterly lost. 

- Alma is back with her knack for saying exactly the wrong thing. 

- Steven sinks to new lows. Who would have thought that was possible?

And then there’s David. An unexpected and very welcome addition to Olive’s world. But with so much to deal with, can their romance possibly survive?


Again, I would love and appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks in advance!