What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about the Bible was false and misleading. How would you feel if I told you that it was never truly the word of God, but the machinations of a small group of fallen angels looking to spite their Father for creating us? Our world falls into chaos and our souls become the unwilling pawns for Sorath as he poses as the Messiah. All who opposes his will have been declared heretics and shall be "cleansed by teeth" by his fallen warriors.

Duncan Morgan and Rose Macready were spending their days surviving in comfort of their make shift town until deadly plot unveils itself and get cast in the mist of Sorath’s sinister plans to rule the Earth. Will they get out of this alive or will they become fodder for Sorath’s ghoulish fallen warriors? This is a End of Days fantasy with an evil twist.

When i first uploaded it a year ago, i put the whole manuscript up accidentally. I found out when someone highlighted a grammar error on the last chapter, but at least she left a nice recommendation. I decided to go ahead & uploaded it again but broke it down into individual chapters so read what you can and enjoy it and I will tweet about yours as well. I’d like to say that with each preorder, I will be giving away a free copy of my Amazon e-book, In a World of Darkness: The Yonuh Trilogy. I figure it would be nice to give my readers TWO books instead of one! So feel free to click the link and grab your copies today!

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