Publishers Weekly
DeLuca keeps readers guessing. Minette Walters fans will be pleased. (Starred review)
Chapters Indigo
“A lusciously told historical fiction.” 
Erin Sulla, Librarian at University of Illinois
Fans of Fingersmith and Alias Grace should enjoy Marjorie DeLuca’s take on deviant, dangerous, and defiant Victorian women.
Mystery & Suspense Magazine
Not only does this novel do Mary Ann Cotton justice, but it paints a realistic and emotional portrayal of the struggles of a woman in Victorian England.
Horror Buzz
DeLuca’s thriller is like boiling a lobster; the pot gets hotter and hotter while you weren’t watching till it is boiling over in the final act where the tension is high and keeps the pages turning.
The Elder Books
Flawless narration that captivated me until the very end.
Biblio Obscura
Immediately gripping.
Utah Valley University
Underneath all the wonderful dramatic tension is the frequently horrifying theme of pre-code of ethics psychology and a medical-legal system far too willing to certify inconvenient people insane. 
The Book Review Crew
Knocks your socks off.
Only The Darkest Reads
If you have high blood pressure, maybe skip this one. The writing and story is incredible—I can’t remember the last time I was this angry at a story I loved.