Ferry Iowa is the epitome of a small town. Quiet, secluded, and predictable. To seventeen year-old David, Ferry was unremarkable, dull, and forgettable, with a severe lack of privacy.

Things take an exciting turn when he is suddenly thrust into the secret life of Mr. Farfunkle, who has only ever been known as the town’s outsider. To them he is a reclusive oddity. For fifty-eight years he has kept to himself. No one goes into the house, and rarely does he leave it. It is this which piques David’s interest.

David is first introduced to Mr. Farfunkle through his new job at the local small town grocery store when he has his first grocery delivery to the house. Mr. Farfunkle has a crusty old demeanor that throws most people off, but David finds himself drawn in as he becomes more and more intrigued by the frequent ingredients he delivers. Soon he is granted access into the house, where he is astonished to discover that of which no one else has been privy to. Mr. Farfunkle has amassed a large collection of assorted sandwiches which he proudly displays in neat little rows of glass cases filling the back room of the house. He isn’t simply assembling a bizarre sandwich collection though, he is also working on a grand plan of creating a preservative formula to halt the natural decomposition of his beloved sandwiches. Pulled into Farfunkle’s world, David becomes the unwitting assistant to the eccentric modern-day mad scientist.

Working beside him, David is on a quest to learn more about the man he spends half his days with. Slowly piecing together the life story of this odd character, he begins to understand what drove Mr. Farfunkle to retreat from society, where his obsession stems from, and the real reason behind the front he puts on.

Mr. Farfunkle has deeper secrets than even David will learn ...

This middle grade fiction is character-driven, bizarre, a tad dark, and unique in premise. “The Sandwich Man” is a comparable in style to Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Rick Yancey’s “Monstrumologist”, and has some characteristics of "Back to the Future".

This is a completed manuscript of 34,164 words, and is my debut novel. I have shared the prologue and the first two chapters here.

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