May 18, 2001: Cold Air

"Josh? You ready?", It was a cold Friday morning, we were moving to New York because of my old man’s work, I, of course, were opposed to this, as I were leaving my childhood behind.

"Josh? We’ve got to go now, honey!", I said one last goodbye to my old room, "I’m coming mom!", I closed the door behind me and left our house.

As I was walking towards the car, with only my backpack as my luggage, someone shouted at me, "No! Don’t go, Josh!", a girl said to me, while tears are flowing down her face, It was Aika, hearing her voice brought tears to my eyes, "I can’t do anything about it Aika!", saying that had hurt my feelings, leaving my friend and crush was one of the worst things that happened to my childhood, "Why?! Why do you have to leave me?!?!", She replied, "Believe me, I tried to stop them, but I can’t oppose my parents, I tried to convince them to let me stay, but they wouldn’t let me! So I can’t do anything but just go along with them!", It was true, after minutes and minutes of agonizing arguments, it finally reached a conclusion, and, of course, I lost.

"Josh! We’ve got to go now!", My mom called me, and then the moving truck sounded its horn, "Sorry Aika, I need to go now", I turned around, and walked towards the car, but Aika grabbed me, "Please, don’t go!", I turned around and hugged Aika, "Don’t worry, Aika, I promise, that I will find you again", My tears started flowing faster, and then Aika looked up to me, "Promise?", I nodded, "Promise", I proceeded to hug her tighter, she also did the same thing, "I’ll give this to you", I gave her my precious padlock, which I made into a necklace, "I can only open this padlock, because I have the key, this is how I’ll find you, Aika", the truck’s sounded its horn again, "I’ve got to go now, Aika", Again, I walked towards the car, this time, Aika let me go, "Goodbye, Josh", she said silently.

The car started to pull away from the neighborhood, its house growing ever distant. After the neighborhood faded away from sight, I pulled out my key, and held it, "I promise, Aika, that I will find you"

It’s May 15, 2001, the day I left behind my childhood, the day the I made a promise that I’m determined to fulfill.

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