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The Reich and Your Duties: A Very Brief History of the Reich Territory for Students Entering Gymnasium

by The Reich Institute for Child Development

Note:  To be issued and read on the first day of gymnasium to all schools within the Territory

Welcome to Gymnasium, a scary and turbulent but also exciting and wonderful time. You will spend the next years of your life training to be a good Citizen of the Reich, whether that means a job in the military, attending university, or work closer to home. Whatever your future may become, it will surely be bright within the Reich and you will proudly serve Germania as we have served you.

Now, a brief history of Germania:

Following Expansion, Britain, France, the rest of Europe, the bulk of Africa, most of South America, and the United States were annexed to Germany.

Germany then turned its attention to Japan and Russia, with whom it still continues to fight. At the time the publishing of this book, Japan holds its sovereignty over the territory formerly known as Alaska, Australia and much of Asia. Russia holds power over the Middle East. The few countries that remain unannexed, Canada being one of them, are failed states. Their populations have fallen into massive starvation and poverty, and deadly rioting is not an uncommon occurrence.

After its defeat, the United States was divided. From what was known as Portland, Maine (now New Frankfurt) down to Miami, Florida (now New Munich) became The Reich Territory, home to the Aryans. West of the Mississippi is the Unsafe Zone, which houses and disposes of those unwanted by the Reich, including its Work Camps and Final Camps. These camps help ensure the continuation of the Reich and keep up the very best in racial hygiene. Venturing into the West is both inadvisable and illegal and only those with proper permits are allowed to do so.

In order to understand the Reich which you serve, you must also understand The Cleansings. The First Cleansing occurred from 1945-1960. During this time, all Jews in the Territory were exterminated. Then the Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Gypsies, Native Americans, and homosexuals were sent to Work Camps. The ill and infirm were sent to Final Camps, a merciful end to their miserable lives.

All mixed-raced Europeans living in German-controlled areas were sent to the Reich Territory. Those mixed-race Europeans without children were assigned to marry only pure German spouses so that one day their mixed heritage would become but a small drop on their descendants’ DNA strands. During the First Cleansing, German became the official language. In 1964, a law passed stating that all Reich citizens must speak German as their first language. English, Russian and Japanese are now taught in school in order that we may converse with our enemies, when necessary. However, these languages are prohibited from being spoken in the streets or in the home. From 1964-1978, offenders were required to pay a heavy fine. Today, those caught speaking languages other than German may be fined over 500,000 Reichsmarks, or be subject to three years in a Work Camp. While you will be learning English, Japanese, or Russian in school, remember that it is strictly forbidden to practice outside of sanctioned areas. As you are under 18, your fine may not be as great, but there will be consequences.

When he came of age, Alfried Hitler, the second eldest son of the First Furher Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Hitler, was tasked with governing the Reich Territory. In a controversial move, Hermann Goering, Hitler’s second in command, sent his son, Amon Goering, to become the Vice-Chancellor of the Reich Territory. The honor of remaining in Germany, typically given to the eldest son, was instead bestowed on Goering’s first-born, his daughter Edda.

The partnership of Alfried Hitler and Amon Goering has indelibly shaped the Reich in the years leading up to the present. In 1974, Hitler and Goering began a campaign offering incentives for pureblooded Germans to move to the Reich Territory. Many answered the call and resettled, while other families were given orders to move. This began the practice of assigning full-blooded Germans to cities to ensure each city achieved a rate of approximately 20% full-blooded Germans. This is expected to increase by five percent every ten years. This means that when you come of age, you may be assigned to a job or a university somewhere other than your home depending on the number of Germans needed in that area. This is for the good of Germania and you will be expected to follow these orders without hesitation.

At your age, sexual feelings will begin to awaken for the opposite sex. This is normal. However, if you begin to have sexual feelings toward someone of the same sex, it is important you speak with a school counselor or other trusted adult. Homosexuality cannot be cured at this time, but identifying it early will help scientists figure out how to remove it altogether. Your homosexuality will affect the job you are given. Homosexuals are currently allowed to live in Germania because the First Cleansing failed to destroy homosexuality. While it is clear that homosexuality is genetically determined, we are currently unsure how to eradicate it. Homosexuals, or Urnings as they are referred, are only to perform jobs beneath other Aryans. They must also submit to mandatory sterilization. However, new scientific developments are being made everyday to help rid citizens of this terrible affliction. By the time you come of age, the gene may be wiped out completely, thus affording former homosexuals the normal life of any other Aryan.

The Reich Territory will one day comprise only Aryans and be free of Others. The Second Cleansing is the age of today, in which we are populating the Reich Territory until we can be self-sufficient and make children without Assignments. However, this is expected to take hundreds of years. Currently, there are still Others who are kept alive in order so that they may serve their purpose to the Reich. One day, however, they will be wiped out and we will be self-sufficient. Those who are found to be resisting the Reich, and criminals, are sent to Work Camps to live alongside these tainted and racially inferior Others. Those who commit truly heinous crimes are sent to Final Camps.

Today the Reich operates in an efficient and orderly fashion. Dietrich Hitler, aided by Engel Goering, governs the entire Reich from Berlin. Albrecht Hitler, with Dirk Goering as his second in command, now rules the Reich Territory from New Berlin. All Aryan children are educated at free institutions and then take exams to determine their place in Society. Some will enter university to further their studies, while others may begin work immediately. Studies have shown that Aryans now outperform their peers compared to the mixed classrooms of the past that allowed racially inferior to study alongside Aryans. Do not spend unnecessary time agonizing about your placement, as the Reich has a 99% success rate of putting citizens into their proper roles.

Because the Reich is committed to bringing all nations to peace, prosperity, and happiness, it will likely call upon you to utilize your Hitler Youth training on behalf of Germania for one to four years. While it may be frightening for young Aryans, Reich armies are very well trained and typically do not suffer the same losses as foreign forces. However, depending on your talents, you may instead be directed to a non-combat job such as working in Strategy, Information Systems, or in the Health Field, either in the Reich Territory or Unsafe Zones.

In order to keep Society clean, it is important that you take the bi-annual blood test. It occurs once in February and once in August, the August date coinciding with Annexation Day celebrations. While it may seem redundant after years of undergoing the procedure, it keeps the race clean, tests you for disease, and keeps us up to date on any changes in your vital levels. This may affect who will be on your list of possible spouses. It is the Reich's responsibility to maintain a healthy and pure population for you and future generations. All that we ask is that you do your part and co-operate in preparation for becoming an adult member of society.

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