When the worst thing about being hunted down by weird men in black suits happens to be your poor life choices, you know you’re in trouble.

In Peter’s opinion, the government can do whatever the hell they want, so long as they stay right the hell out of his life. But when a stupid, stupid, stupid government conspiracy forces his best friend Albest to fake his own death and legally change his last name to Door, he suddenly decides... to not give a fuck.

That’s right about the moment someone blows up his apartment.

His best friend Albest, three-time award winner for World’s Worst Human Being and runner-up for Douchebag-of-the-Year, proceeds to drag him kicking and screaming into a dark, treacherous whirlpool of questions, diarrhea-inducing fast food, and alien conspiracy cover-ups worthy of a 5,000 word Reddit post. Who are the shadowy men in black? Where does the government’s spooky-ass, super-advanced technology come from? And why does Albest hate eating food that isn’t served out of a plastic container?

As Peter follows his small band of friends up this proverbial mountain of crazy, something just feels too familiar, too simplistic, too clichéd to be true...

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What is Inkshares?

Inkshares is a crowd-driven publishing company that offers a unique publishing opportunity where readers get to decide what get published. Which is really just a fancy way getting the authors to go e-begging (well, we don’t live under a bridge...yet).


Hi! My name is Yicheng, a blogger and habitual writer by nature; and also a thought-conscious drinker of good coffee (no Starbucks for me). You can help me keeping drinking coffee and eating lunch (arguably the best meal of the day to the writers) by pressing the shiny pre-order button to help, or tell all (at least the ones that you think will enjoy something like this) of your friends. Yes, even if they are the ones that don’t have a credit card. Please do try to help a bit. I need pre-orders.

Well, why should I help you and our my hard-earned pennies into something that I had never read before (and don’t you dare mock Starbucks!)?

Thank you for asking, imaginary-person-who-is-having-a-conversation-with-me-right-now. I know my book isn’t exactly going to be a winning first that most writers dream of, I had set realistic goals for myself and I had created content that might be enjoyable to the readers like you guys (read: the ones that are willing to shell out that precious few pennies you had reserved for that coffee with Steve. I know).

Starbucks isn’t exactly all that bad, but there’s just something about ordering a large robust venti half-whole soy milk made at exactly 40 degrees celsius (not Fahrenheit, you snob!) plus that teeny tiny one-quarter percent of organically filtered sugar , one quarter non-fat, made at the exact extra hot temperature of 110 degree celsius, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular) with stirred latte whipped up immediately, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon in front of a crowd of people and a new barista that makes me nervous and angry at myself. Did I mention that I’m an introvert?

But what if I think this book is awful?

First of all, calm down,imaginary-person-who-is-having-a-conversation-with-me-right-now. I know I can’t appease everyone, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try to you get excited about it.

If this book excites you, then buy it. This book has all the fight scenes you would need in a debut novel and all the immaturity you need when writing crude sexual euphemisms. Read what I got so far, and see if it suits you. But I wouldn’t try to force my opinions on you and you are free to arrive at your own judgement.

Who is this book for?

I had said it once, but I’ll say it again: This book is not for everyone, but chances are that you’ll like it. It’s for everyone except children and that one guy who seemed to be pissed off at everything. Anyone that have a sense of humor and enjoys some level of sci-fi set in a quasi-thriller style should like what I have to offer as a writer, or at least read some of the chapter excerpts.

How do I get in touch with you?

Perhaps you have a fatal disease which will kill you if you didn’t get in contact with a narcissistic introvert that probably isn’t even all that good at writing. Do you have an oddly specific request or...thing to share with me?