Jodhan Ford
This story is going somewhere. READ IT. His style is still developing but his penmanship and descriptive narrative tell me he will find his niche and blossom soon. Get on board now and support Yicheng Liu.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
Yicheng's writing has a crude and humorous edge, while compelling the reader onward. I'm amused and intrigued. It brings to mind a twisted scifi incarnation of Alice in Wonderland, where the narrative rushes ahead like a little white rabbit.
Melissa Berg
Yicheng Liu quickly draws you into a fast paced and paranoid world where a Science-fiction noire storytelling style meets the government conspiracies, dark room agents, and deep secret plots of the X-Files. A great read that will be sure to keep you looking over your shoulder.   
Joshua Griffith
Wow, This is quite the thriller that I had taken great pleasure in reading. I found this to be a great concept and I loved the suspenseful pace the story takes as it grabs you by the hand and drags you through the sniper bullets and serial killers.
Janna Grace
Liu doesn't give you a chance to catch your breath- in the best way possible! Intrigue, a fake death, poison, grime and aliens? Oh, also a no BS narrator whose voice is a breath of fresh air? Count me in.
Jeyna Grace
No dilly dally, let's get right to it - that's a great way to start a story. The characters are relateable (I mean, we all probably have encountered an Albest in our life - the one who gets us in trouble for his own problems). Honestly, I don't usually read books in this genre (or watch films/ TV series either), but I like the start.
Michael Sebby
This novel speaks with such a personal voice that is unique to Liu, it's almost as if you're discussing the events of the story with the narrator over a cup of coffee. The pacing is quick enough to keep the reader constantly engaged, and nothing is off limits when it comes to drawing vivid descriptions or leaving commentary on the events transpiring around Peter. I love a good tale spun around a character's survival in a conspiracy that is chewing up the world around them.
Cindy Lin
This is a great book. I'm not saying that because he is family. It have extremely great characters and a coherent storyline. I look forward to reading it someday. Would highly recommend it! :D
Elan Samuel
Yicheng Liu pulls no punches in The Remains of Civilization. His characters are irreverent, intrigued, and interesting, and I can tell that the story will spiral out on a roller-coaster of action, comedy, and shenanigans. Looking forward to reading the rest!
Eddie Mao
This is a great piece of work! :)