This story is about power. The excess that comes up within systems, influences and places where it is no longer needed, but coveted regardless.

The main idea surrounds a group of ’People’, that refer to themselves as the Reach. Where they came from and who they are specifically, is not really known, all that is known, is that they each of them possess significant power at their disposal, be it a word, a gesture or sheer force of will. Each of them remembers, what the times were like when they all had power and little knowledge of how to wield it. War, strife, destruction and mad attempts to ’Know how far one could take it’.

Things got out of hand and they all agreed, almost en mass, that they needed to curb that appetite. It took countless deaths, the twisting of the natural cycle of life and death and no small amount of punishment for those who didn’t agree, to get to this point but it happened. Decades later, and the Reach live in ’relative’ peace, having carved out personal territories within a large valley in some distant part of land that few have contact with.

The Novel takes place during this time, when the Reach, curtailed, frustrated, bored and idle in equal parts, find themselves under siege by something new and unknown. Something none of them recognizes, save for a select few among them who have to battle through their paranoia, fears, pride and egos to try and work together to suss out what’s happening.