Original Summary ~

The world is in peril from the mysterious Mistress of the Dark and her fanatical army, the Sentinels of the Raven. Tenuous alliances have been formed between nations; but terrified by the encroaching darkness, many have abandoned the ways of old. With lore forgotten or abandoned the kingdom of Medrivira has see a rising epidemic of Selvimorata, the Death Dreams Curse.

Unmatched in swordsmanship, Prince Daven Crestroval is heir to a throne he doesn’t want, in a world of magic that he hates. But moved by the suffering of his people he sets out with a company of his closest advisors and friends to find the source of this darkness and eliminate it before the world is swallowed whole. Haunted by the vision of a mournful woman he has never met, and guided by the shadows devastation he will soon find out … not all is as it seems.

My Thoughts ~

Originally I began this story with just a concept: a villain that is not really a villain. From there more ideas began to compound into what I eventually saw could be a fantastic story. So I began to look at elements like the power of nightmares, perceptions of good and evil, societal expectations, etc.

As the story began to come together the characters formed naturally. I play my stories through in my head like a movie that I can alter when the pieces don’t fit right. And when it feels like it would be exciting or enthralling the pen goes to paper and the tangible book begins to take shape.

Though I have often shared with those immediately around me my stories and ideas, this is the first time I have placed such a big piece out in the open for the world to see. It is nerve-racking and deeply personal to put something out there that I have invested so much of myself into. I hope my story intrigues you and provides a few minutes of escape into a complex and magic filled world.

There is more adventure to come, so please explore with me! Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!