"Darkness will become light, light will become dark. The sea will swallow the desert and the mountains will fall into the earth...Beware the laughing dogs. Take refuge in the green. The darkness can not be allowed to endure." - Smilsu Ragana, the woman of the well.

"The Prophets of Gessee" is about a young orphan with special talents, who hires herself out as a thief. When a client refuses to pay for a job, she flees into the desert with a mysterious dagger and finds herself tagging along with a caravan of nomads who may be connected to an ancient chosen people. But everyone seems to want the relic that she stole. People are willing to kill for it, use dark magics to obtain it, and she soon finds out there is an ancient prophecy about it. And somewhere in a dark castle, on a dreary coast, a sorcerer needs it to perform a ritual on a really stupid bird.

The story is the journey of Rayne, an orphan and a street rat, as she discovers her lost past and finds the hero hidden within, while helping to mend the broken pieces of a kingdom.

The Prophets of Gessee is intended as a Middlegrade to Young Adult read with lots of action and only subtle hints of romance.