I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to everyone who preordered copies of The Prophets of Gessee. With the deadline for my campaign only a week away, it is clear I will not be reaching the presale goal of 750 readers, or even the 250 reader goal. I simply have not had even 2 seconds to devote to this campaign since the new semester began. When the campaign ends on November 1st, readers will be immediately refunded and the project will revert to draft mode, keeping all followers. So you can continue to follow the progress of the novel, and once I am finished my masters thesis I will be able to put all my focus back into my writing career.

Once again, thank you very much for your interest and support.

Devyn Flesher

Hey guys. I’ve been neglecting the campaign a bit this week as I am desperately trying to finish writing a chapter of my master’s thesis so that I can get back to the Prophets of Gessee asap. I will post a new book chapter this weekend, to entice and persuade. Please recommend the Prophets of Gessee to friends and colleagues and share the idea with young readers in the target demographic. If you haven’t already done so, please pre-order your copy.



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I’ve added another sample chapter. This is the introduction of the Saekalish, a race of intelligent talking jackals. Rayne is learning just how dangerous the desert can be, and that her new friend, Delsin, is more than he appears to be. I would love to get some feedback on the characters so far. Keep sharing my story and thanks for all your support so far.

Thanks for supporting The Prophets of Gessee. I have uploaded a cover design. Check it out.