Hello, Internet! My name is Sean Arthur Cox, author of the satiric fantasy novel New Tricks, which was self-published but still well received. I’m a former teacher, former flea market writer, former professional game show audience member, and on and on. But throughout it all, I’ve loved writing. I’m a sucker for the thrill of asking "What if...?" and then putting pen to paper until I find out the answer.

This particular story spins upon three "What if...?" axes.

  • What if a young woman was raised from childhood to be a world-class assassin by the very man who killed her parents?
  • What if you couldn’t stay dead, no matter how hard you tried, but were otherwise a regular person (still aged, still needed to eat, still healed as slow as the rest of us)?
  • What if that assassin’s first solo job was the immortal?

Telling the stories of both people in parallel, we follow Olivia, the twenty-three year old up-and-coming assassin as she tackles her first job alone, and Jaime, an unkillable face-changing individual, who after ten thousand years dying and resurrecting, has decided after aimless centuries, to truly come back to life and start a new career dying for people with deep pockets and powerful enemies, and we explore not only the struggle for each to succeed as they kick off their new professions, but also how they will change each other as their worlds get tangled in the other’s orbit.

I’ve already done a decent bit of working, reworking, and polishing, and while I think it is good, I want to make it great. I need your help to make this the best possible book it can be, and to serve as not only a good standalone tale, but also the first book in an ongoing series that explores the relationship between these two characters as their worlds and lives become more intertwined and they haphazardly learn how to be human.
So give it a look! Share your thoughts! Follow along in its progress from manuscript to published book and beyond!

And if you want to reach out, join the conversation, and get a little smaller, more regularly-scheduled feedback at my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SeanArthurCox/