Chapter 1

The Power

Chapter 1

By: Jeffrey Shawn Hager

“Either the day is too bright,

or the night too dark, either way

it is too much for a person of

our sensitivity.”

Agatha Brunn - Age 13

The World’s First Confirmed Psychic

The day before she was murdered.

An everyday event, a man reads a paper in a city park. Everything is normal the park, the play set, the pond, the benches, the birds, the dogs, the squirrels, and all the people but one lone man reading a paper in the morning sun. This man may look normal but like many as you can see on the front page are not all that normal. “Geno Government Attacked By Malcom” on the paper next to him, the one in his hands reads “The Prophets Order UN to Stand Down.” The man takes a moment to sip his coffee and then to fold the front section and to unfold the want ads. After only a moment he folds the papers all together and stands as he puts them in the spot he was sitting and then waves to a nearby homeless person that was waiting for him to finish the paper. The homeless person only nods.

He walks two blocks and enters a large office building, the lobby is about average for the city, but it’s a little more clean then most. He walks up to the security desk. The guard is reading a paper.

“Hello…. Excuse Me Sir!... Brian!”

“Who? What? Oh!... Hi!... Can I help you, Man?... Wait, how did you know my name?”

“Your name tag says, Brian.” He can’t really read it the back of it is facing out.

“I sometimes forget I’m wearing a name tag. Ha ha ha. So whats up, Man?”

“Saw the ad in the paper for a job here who should I talk too.”

“The door that reads ‘Maintenance’ past the elevators, then knock on the first door that’s mostly windows talk to the girl in there, I always forget her name.”

“Thanks, Brian have a good one.”

“You too, Barry.”

Barry walks over to the door marked maintenance walks down a few stairs to the door that’s mostly windows, he knocks then opens the door. A young lady is on a phone behind one of three desks in the room with no windows or another door just three desks facing out from the walls and a table with a coffee maker and cups and what not and a small fridge under the table. The only things on the walls are room and office layouts and Blueprints of this building, the young lady is the only person in. She looks at him gives him the I’ll be with you in a moment signal. He stands basically between her desk and the door. She hang up after a moment.

“Good Morning, Sue Mosher. I’m Barry Cliven, I’m here about the ad in the paper for odd jobs.”

“Um…. Yes, the job is basically a janitorial one on a day-to-day basis we pay for your lunch and its $50 a day it’s from 9am-8pm.”

“Sounds fine did a few janitorial jobs a few years back anything special I need to know?”

“Just clean things twice the owner is a real neat freak, so you know.”

“Gotcha you want things to sparkle.”

“Yep…. Um…. My name? Who told you my name?”

“You did…. Sorry, I overheard you on the phone and you told the person on the other end your name.” She didn’t

“Ah…. Well here’s the key to the equipment you will need its all on the 2nd floor in a small room you can’t miss it after the restrooms it says, ‘Janitorial Closet.” She says as she takes the key out of a desk drawer with a wood stick attached and hands it too Barry. And a vest.

“Cool! Thanks, Sue.” He says as he turns to leave.

“Have a good one, Barry!... Oh, the vest it identifies you as a worker here in the building otherwise our clients and tenets would be calling Security every ten minutes. So make sure it’s visible, don’t put on anything over it, understand?”

“I understand, it’s like my badge or I.D. for working in the building, right?”

“Right!” She says as the phone rings she says hello as she waves bye to Barry.

Barry walks back the way he came back to the lobby, as he puts the stick in his pocket and then puts the vest on.

As Barry walks past the Security Desk on his way to the bank of elevators. Brian waves him over. So he turns slightly to walk over.

“Check this out man, Lonewolf strikes again.” Brian says pointing at one of the monitors in front of him. Barry has to go around to the side of the desk to see what he was talking about. One of the monitors is tuned into one of the local channels and the national news is on.

“….and then he proceeded to kill without question all personnel at the base. A base I will remind you who’s primary purpose was for relief during floods, storms, and other such natural disasters the whole reason its in the most remote part of the Gupta province so that such….”

“Dude, that psychic Malcom just destroyed an entire military base and killed a 1,000 plus people in Jakarta where ever in the seven hells that is….I used to really like that guy but man he is only making it harder on himself the UN is not going to let that pass….”

“All things happen for a reason….well back to it, Brian, life as they say goes on.” After taking a moment to look at the pictures the news agency was provided by the government that was attacked.

“True, not like anyone can control that Malcom, guy has never done something so bloody before but then he is his own super power. What it the saying….oh yea….Absolute power corrupts absolutely…. See ya, man….I’ll keep you up dated on the walkie-talkie on the cart….and in case one tenant needs you to.” Brian says without taking his eyes off the TV.

“Cool, Man. Thanks.” Barry says after pressing the button for the elevator.

As the elevator doors open he imagines them to be the doors of the catholic school he attended almost 15 years ago that was a part of the education he received while being an orphan. His imagination takes hold.

The doors open in to a hallway of the school with doors and lockers along the hall and at the end are stairs going up. A nun pulls and pushes him to one side of the hall.

“Orphans and delinquents on the left side.” She says out laud but on the inside its “I try to do right for the children but they are sinners and bastards these orphans and delinquents I must teach them to be righteous but then only the lord can decide who and what is righteous we can only do what we think is right or be damned.”

“Don’t look at me boy….look at the floor you heathen.” The nun says slapping him across the head. Then a bright light comes.

The elevator doors open Barry walks out looks right then left, the restroom sign is to the left….he laughs a little. Goes in to the room to find the cart all ready to go looks over it twice to make sure its good to go, jiggles the non-translucent spray bottles to check their levels. Then drives it out, he goes in to three offices without a word a few nods and waves then at the forth office. He has to say something. A man at his desk stares out the window in a daze.

“It’s so dark in here!” Barry says with the sunlight flooding the room thru the window.

“What….You are mistaken it is as bright as day.” The man says bring his view to the desk before him.

“What I speak of has nothing to do with this moment on earth what I speak of is a soul damned because someone could not stay their hand from the passion and desire to kill and torture a innocent soul that was searching for help and found a DEMON.” Barry says these words as he walks up to the front of the desk slowly putting his hands on the desk and then leaning forward until his face is level with the other man and the last word he says he yells with the last of the breath.

“Why….Why….WHY!!!” The man says as he stands and the last word he screams the last word at the ceiling.

“You are a DEMON among the innocent and you need a room with no windows, no doors and no time so that you might never again inflict pain on others.” Sam says as he pulls back from the desk to stand in the window facing the man like an angel coming out of the light.

“Yes….YES….That is what must happen. I must submit for the good of the innocent and lay down my hate and pain.” The man says as he kneels before the light.

Finally there is a knock on the door the man remains on his knees and Barry answers the door.

“Hello, Detective.” Barry says as he opens the door.

“Is D.A. Murphy in yet?” The woman says after seeing Barry.

“Yes, of course he’s in, I was just leaving. You be careful out there detective.” Barry says as he walks past the detective.

“Thank you, Sir!... Murphy!... Drop something… Anyways… A forth mass torture and murder last night… Are you alright, sir?” She says as she walks closer and closer to the desk and the man kneeling beside it.

“I have tortured and killed the children of God in the name of evil. I am a Demon.” Murphy says staring in to the sun.

“What are you saying, sir? The Detective says unbuttoning the snap on her gun holster.

“I am the evil that did them all I destroyed their innocence. Take me into custody, Detective Johnson. You are my confessor.” Murphy says still kneeling but know with his hands above his head in a submissive stance.

The door closes and follows Barry as he wipes a tear from his cheek as the Detective handcuffs him and reads him his rights as her partner enters the room.

Barry goes to the Elevators to go to the next floor up when he notices a woman working on the elevator she turns just as he press the call button for one of the other three elevators. She says to Barry. “Hey, can you watch this elevator door, I need too close the one the floor above and get the caution barrier from that one.”

“Sure.” Barry says noticing the doors open to the elevator shaft.

Just as starts over an elevator arrives an two people come out one walking right out the other hesitates as the elevator worker walks up to the elevator.

“Is this the Fifth Floor?” The little boy asks.

“Yep, sure is kid! Excuse Me!” The worker says moving past the boy as he walks out. The doors close and the little boy opens up his Seeing Eye Stick.

“Hello!” Barry says after turns from putting his cart in the way of the open elevator shaft.

“Oh! Hi! I’m looking for Room 512, if you can just face me down the right hall I would be grateful.” The Boy says holding his stick up as he walks toward Barry.

“Careful the….” Barry says stopping the Boy.

“Yes, I know the elevator doors to the Shaft are open you can feel the rush of air, the noise of the machines upstairs, and the smell of the oils and other chemicals that elevators and other machines use. One learns to develop other senses when needed like how a psychic is right.” The Boy says as Barry makes it a point not too touch the Boys skin as he leads him to the hall that leads to the room. A man brushes past Barry on his way to the bank of elevators.

“We are both sensitive to things some things more than others. Here you are….Bye.” Sam says turning the Boy in the right direction after looking at a sign for all the rooms.

“Bye.” The Boy says walking away.

Barry turns just in time to see the man walk around the cart and into the elevator shaft. Barry walks up to the cart to see into the shaft to see a person looking at him floating.

“Well are you getting in?” The man floating in the elevator shaft says to Barry.

“A Moment Please!” Barry says as he takes a second to get a mop stick from the cart and with the handle out he extends it to the man floating.

“What?” The man asks.

’Look Up!” Barry says as he braces himself against the wall.

“Oh My….” The Floating Man says then he grabs the mop stick with both hands.

The man walks/floats towards Barry till he is touching the floor. Another elevator opens and the worker unloads the caution barriers.

“Thank You!...I must have been day dreaming….you….You saved my life.” The man says half looking in to space and at Barry.

“You bet your life….Now go with your eyes open to more then your dreams.” Sam says helping the worker a little and then holding the elevator for the man. Then waving goodbye.

Sam moves the cart as the worker arranges the barriers and he presses the call button. The elevator doors open to two teenagers one a boy one a girl. Sam pushes his cart in to the elevator knowing the teenagers are projections in his mind of two of the ten most prominent members of the psychic group known as “The Powers.”

“Hello, Simon. Gloria.” Barry says pushing the cart in.

“Malcom Samuel Moffit, the most powerful person on the planet.” Simon says as he moves out of the way of the cart.

“You know what they say, Absolute Power.” Gloria says as she adjusts her skirt.

“This mantle was thrust upon me, I never wanted this.” Sam says as he presses the button for the next floor up.

“Yea, right. You destroyed an entire Geno Military Base in seconds. You are power, you think you are righteous.” Gloria says with her hands on her hips.

“You should join us not fight us. We need you. We could do so much good in the world.” Simon says running his hand over the cart that he can not touch.

“The Powers want to make the world in there image, I do not. I do what I can to save and honor the weak and educate those that would ignore hardships.” Sam says looking down at the cart.

“We!...Us and you are the inheritors of the earth we are the Might we are the Power.” Gloria says making and shaking a fist.

“I am nothing like you! I am justified and I care about others.” Sam says looking her in the eyes.

“You could do that we need not fight each other we could….” Simon says as he fades out with Gloria too.

“Be Gone With You, Tempest!...I need not your desire to burn me.” Sam says with a small wave of his hands.

“I….Am….Justified!...I do the best that I can, to do what is right.” Sam says just as the doors open to the next floor.

“We all try to do what is right.” A woman says as she steps out of the way for Sam to pass.

“Yes, of course, Miss. And, thank you!” Sam says as he walks his cart out.

“The Maxfield Parish Orphanage in New Orleans call now or tomorrow will be too late.” Sam says as he walks by the woman.

“I’m Sorry!...What?...Why?” She asks stepping in to the elevator.

“He still remembers your face after 5 years, he was only 3 at that.” Sam says while gesturing the height of a 3 year old.

“Oh My!...George still remembers me!” She says as the doors close and she takes out a cell phone.

Sam smiles as he walks the cart to the hall on the right.

The rest of the day goes as usual; trash, vacuum, toilets, mop, etc.

After putting the cart back and then turning in the keys and vest Sam walks out to the lobby where people have gathered to watch a recent bulletin on the News Channel. Sam stops at the security desk.

“Hey, Brian! What’s all this?” Sam says leaning over the counter to look at the monitor with the news on it that Brian is watching.

“A mad man put a bomb at a gas station, actually not far from here and it has a weight trigger and a elementary school bus triggered the bomb and now if the weight changes it goes off its only a matter of time. Man, this guy almost always targets kids. He poisoned the water at a few schools like a year ago, then he fire bombed a school two weeks ago. Boy, needs a taste of his own medicine. That’s what I am tell you man.” Brian says almost staring at the monitor eyes once or twice looking away.

“He should stand in there place?” Sam asks but not really.

“Barry, people like that deserve whatever is coming to them. But then I’m not one of those guys that are like ‘Kill’em all and let God sort them out.’ I had a few like that in my platoon when I was a soldier of course we never did that, I was in during peace time, but we served at an embassy that had a few riots, but the police did most of the work.” Brian says sitting back folding his arms after adjusting a lollipop in his mouth.

“What Tha?...Where’s The Bus?...Who Tha?...Is That?” Brian asks taking a closer look at the monitor.

“That Brian is the man who put the bomb there and has been killing the children. He wrote his own Death Warrant. He will in a word commit suicide. The bus is back at the school.” Sam says looking at the Monitor as Brian looks at him and pulls away.

“You’re a…” Brian says as the back of the rolling chair hits the wall behind him.

“I’m Malcom!” Sam says standing straight and looking at Brian in the eyes.

“The most powerful person on earth and you clean toilets….”Brian says just as the monitor flashes with the explosion and then you hear it in the lobby, the windows shake and rattle almost to the point of making a few cracks.

“I also do windows….He really was mad you know.” Sam says walking to the front part of the security desk.

“Some in the Media call you ‘The Madness of Malcom’ how is it you can save children like that but a few days before this you murdered soldiers of the good people of Geno. You think yourself so above us that you would be like a god and distribute pain and suffering at will.’ Brian says standing and then walks toward Sam in a lecture like pose.

“It was Justified!” Sam says stepping one step back and folding his arms.

“What could justify the innocent deaths of 2,000 plus solders?” Brian asks with his hands on his hips.

“You will see with the rest of the world the reason for my actions. Put it on channel 24, International World News Agency.” Sam says as he points and again leans over to look at the monitor as Brian uses the keyboard to change the channel.

“….they were drugged and they were restrained in the up most my job at the base was to administer the drugs in varying doses to 523 people they, as you know were known to have psychic abilities. I came to confess and to prove with the videos you have just seen that what was done at that base was a crime against humanity and that I along with others that were not punished by Malcom will turn ourselves in to the International Court of Justice today. As you can see what the government of Geno, I, and others have done is more then Barbaric it was….”

“That was the interview moments ago before Belgian Federal Law Officers took custody of the Group of scientists that arrived today from Geno with security and scientific video in the now infamous military base that Malcom destroyed days ago. We now have confirmation of the suicides and confessions of several key members of the Geno General Council. The justification of Malcoms actions is apparent though he went about it in what has been called monstrous….I am sorry, We have just received an official pre-recored news conference from the U.N….Its from the International Correctional Agency.”

“36 Hours ago exactly 16 persons from the Geno Military and 4 members of the Science Team at the Mark 12 Delta base in Geno arrived at the new ultra-max offshore correctional facility, the current location is classified. All were teleported into separate cells. These persons will be detained until the International Court of Justice renders a verdict on said persons. End of Line. Thank you ladies and gentlemen have a pleasant day.”

“Our Editor and Chief wishes to thank Malcom for uncovering these crimes against humanity. The Comments of this news cast or any images or implied support of anyone of thing of any kind is not the official representation of the corporation of Internal Products and Media. Thank You.”