Thrust into a distant galaxy, separated from Earth and rest of the humanity, a small faction of colonists evolves into a civilization.

After a civil war leaves the human population in desperate need of restoration, a rescuer comes in the from of a benevolent alien species-the Racains.

Unfortunately, the alliance with these saviors comes with it a catch. The Racains are at war with another alien race- a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

With a growing pacifist attitude shared by the human civilian population clashing with pressure from the Racain government to enter the war, this isolated human civilization finds itself at a crossroads.

The idea for The Portway Incident  began when two friends had this causal conversation:

"You know, I’ve always wanted to write a sci fi novel."
"Yeah me too"
"I actually have an idea for one."
"Let me hear it"

Okay, so it was a little more than that, but Jeremy Shepard and I began horsing around with some ideas and discovered we actually had something. So we started writing, and one simple concept developed into a entire universe.

In fact, many conversations with my partner (co-author! co-author of the book!) have started the same way.

"You know I’m a huge Star Trek fan"
"Me too!"

"I love going to comic book conventions"
"Me too!"

"You know, I still play with my X-Men figures in the bathtub"
"Okay, that’s something that you should never tell anybody...ever again."

Anyway, about the book.

The Portway Incident is a character driven sci fi novel that focuses on a climatic event seen through the eyes of 7 unique characters. The book will be divided into "testimonies" shared by the characters.

If you love the military political intrigue of Heinlein, mixed with the character-driven story telling of Stephen King you will love The Portway Incident.