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Synopsis: A 15-year old pixie girl and an untrustworthy goblin make an odd pair to save the pixies from the fairies. In this fantasy-adventure book, Alaina and Kekipi sneak off to find a strong magic--the only force that can stop the fairy emperor Oberon’s plans for world domination.

The Germ of the Idea: I got the idea for this book while watching Disney’s Fairies with my 3 y.o. daughter. The fairies live in Pixie Hollow. They use pixie dust to fly. The dust comes from "the pixie dust tree," and there is a group of "dust keeper" fairies. There is also a group of warrior fairies called "scouts." Also, we know that fairy wings are not, on their own, strong enough for fairy flight.

I asked myself "where are the pixies?" And that started a cascade of "what if?" questions that are the origins of this book: What if the fairies are stealing pixie magic? What if the "dust keeper" fairies are really slavers? What if the rest of the fairy society doesn’t know about where the pixie dust comes from--their entire economy and innocence is based on the secret of the "pixie dust tree" and the poor pixies who are forced to use their magic to help fairies fly?

This is the fantasy-action-adventure of a young pixie girl who abandons her post to search for a fabled magic that can bring an end to the oncoming war.

Who Am I? I am the author of three successful children’s books (The Girl Who Drank the Moon, The Hiccupopotamus, and The Celebrated Jumping Frog, all available on Amazon). I will soon be releasing another (The Sun Didn’t Rise).

The Pixie Wars will be my first fantasy novel. It is the product of thousands of hours of practicing the craft of writing, and hundreds of hours of writing this novel. I am dedicated to bringing this story to life, and to delighting my readers, catching them off guard, and making them think. I hope that you will become one of the many fans of this book, and follow the series as it develops.

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