The Pirate and the Treasure of Heracleion

The Pirate and the Treasure of Heracleion

On a quiet sunny day on the coast of Alexandria, on the ship surface of the pirate ship, Peter ran to Captain Philip’s room and said:

"There is something you should see now."

Captain Philip came behind him until he got on board and stood on the bow of the ship, and saw the coast of Alexandria after months at sea and searching for treasure.

Captain Philip walked into his room and began to present the plans and maps.

"When we arrive, we will search for the city of Heracleion, as it is most likely located there."

Peter said, "We will need someone from Alexandria."

Captain Philip ordered the ship to the coast, led by Peter, to obtain one of the natives of Alexandria.

When Philip and some of the men reached the coast, they were wearing pirate uniforms, the women fled from them, the children ran, and some of the men gathered together and stood in front of them, until Peter approached his men and ordered him to stop and said, "We did not come to harm anyone, we just want someone to be our guide on our trip, We got lost no more. "

One of the fishermen who was on his boat on the coast, was Brown and weak came forward, "Hey ... My name is Abdi ... and I can be your guide ... just get away from the shore ..."

Philip answered the call and returned to the boat, where he said to Abdi, "We want you to meet the captain ..."

Abdi told them he would not be able to leave, but Philip was more cautious. "This is better for everyone, Abdi ... We don’t want to take dangerous actions."

After short time, Abdi and Philip got on board the ship, and they went to the captain’s room, where he received Abdi and sat him down.  So, Abdi, you are from Alexandria, are you not? Said phillip.

"That’s right," said Abdi, looking at the men around him and Philip. "That’s right," said Philip wearing his hat, "I am the captain Philip ... a pirate who spent a lot of time searching for the treasure of Heracleion ... you will help me find it ... Come on young man, let’s write history together."

"I won’t be able to help you find the location of the city of Heracleion," said Abdi, shivering.

The captain looked at him fiercely and before threatening him, Abdi hurried and said, “But I can tell you where the man that can help you ..” The captain smiled and told him that in the dark of night they will go together to this man, and at night Abdi moved with Captain Philip and his assistant Peter and some of the men in Three boats went ashore, took a short way that no one could recognize, armed with their weapons in case anything happened, until they reached a old house on a side street. Abdi came up and knocked on the door and said to Captain Philip "This The old man ... he knows everything about that city, he always talks to young children about the history of this city, I think he can help you find the city of Heracleion"

The old man opened the door and smiled and said, "Abdi ... why didn’t you bring me the fish?"

Abdi said, "I’m sorry, old man ... Can you host some men to talk to you for a little while ..."

The old man let them in, and when everyone appeared by the candlelight, the old man sat and before the captain began to speak he said, "I know who you are .. I am not that old man.. I can somehow know the thieves."

Anger appeared on Captain Philip’s face and before he got even more upset, the old man told him, “But who am I to be angry about… I’m just an old man… Tell me, Abid, what do your ugly friends want?”

Philip interrupted Abdi and said, "We want to know where the city of Heracleion is located ..."

The old man said, “What am I gaining from that?” Philip said, looking at his men and laughing, “Other than we will not kill you, we will give you a gift of some gold.”

The old man said, "The Treasure of Heracleion is a mythical treasure ... but it exists ... and no one knows where its place ... In the old days, the pharaoh would order his minister to obtain 10% of every ship that passes from the port of Heracleion. It was a large store of gold, silver and all goods." That was coming from the Sea of ​​Greece. "

"Then you can show us where he is," said Philip, running out of patience.

The old man said, "Well, foolish captain, you will not be able to hold out in front of the city of Heracleion. There are ghosts guarding it, I can simply tell you where they are ... They are in Abu Qir Bay, a kilometer or two from the shore, buried underwater."

Philip got up and told his men to get Abdi, but Abdi refused and told Philip, "What do you want from me ... I have done what you asked of me ..."

Philip said, "I cannot risk your presence on ground ... I will leave you when I leave and find the treasure."

The next morning, the captain gave the order to move to Abu Qir Bay and ordered Peter to bring the best swimmers for inspect the matter, and upon arrival the bay was calm. No one stood there.

 Abdi beside Philip, who was very obsessed with the legendary treasure. Two advances and dived in the bay. And when they went out, they told the captain that there was a gate guarded by two statues, a lion statue and the other a huge elephant.

He told them to go beyond the statue and know what was behind it, and he said in anger, "Go search for gold."

Peter came up and told Philip, "Captain ... the bay is very quiet, there is no one on the coast."

Philip said arrogantly, "It’s true ... they know what we might do to them so they disappear."

Peter said, "I’m afraid the old man is setting us a trap."

Philip said, "Are you listening to yourself, Peter? ... you are afraid of just an old man ... you are a disgrace to the pirates."

Moments later, there was a sound of a crowd coming, but no one knew where the sound was coming from .. until a large crowd appeared, coming to the bay, firing and throwing bombs on the ship ..

The captain was Frightened and told his soldiers to hide and respond to them, while the men of Alexandria, who were head by the old man, hid near a closed market near the bay, and began to shoot, Philip gave the order to respond to them with fire, then Abdi pulled a gun from one of the men and aimed the gun at Philip’s head and told him that He tells his soldiers to surrender and surrender him self.

"Is that what you really want, Abdi ...? Are you brave to do this?"

Abdi was not brave enough to shoot, he did not harm anyone all his life and His hesitation to shoot Philip in the head was enough to make him afraid, Peter shot his hand and then his foot, and he fell on the ground,

"I told you that you were not brave to do this ... Now watch me burn your city and kill all your people." Then he looked at the soldiers and told them, to get off the boats

 "We will fight on the beach."

They all get off from the ship and descended the strait and the men of Alexandria began to escape to separate places, and a large group of them were hit until the old man appeared carrying his weapon and aimed it at Philip and cut off the road and said,

"You are not welcome here, you ugly pirate."

"I should have killed you, old man."

Behind the old man appeared a small group of men aiming weapons at Philip and his men.

……………………………………… ..

In the ship, Abdi resisted his wounds and looked at the sky and knew that it was the end. He was not a brave man all his life, and there are times when death is better than life.

Abdi crawled to a barrel full of fuel and pushed it on the ground several times until it fell, And he set fire to ship and the ship burned.

When the ship burned, Philip and his men were scattered and tried to come back to ship. The old man arrested Peter while Philip tried to escape. They shot him until five bullets hit him and he died and some men were arrested. Those who tried to escape killed him.

And so was the end of Abdi in the fire, to save the people of Alexandria and the treasure of Heracleion.