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So awesome!! Congrats!!

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Hi Readers!

I come bearing some pretty great news. As of this week, The Phantom Forest is being moved from the Quill collection to the "full" Inkshares catalog. So, what does this mean? 

Well, first of all it’s an awesome opportunity! Quill is a limited release platform, in which I had to do a lot of the marketing/design legwork myself, or hire outside vendors. The bump up to the Inkshares catalog basically means the book will get greater marketing/publicity support, more reviews, updated artwork, and likely an additional pass with their fantastic in-house editor. The best news is that we are still shooting for the same release date - November 13th! There’s a lot to do before then, but the team is working hard and I’m hopeful we will pull it off. 

Now, how did this happen? Because wonderful people like YOU started telling everyone how much you loved this book, and the Inkshares team listened. The Phantom Forest will enjoy a wider release and become accessible to even more readers because you made your voices heard. I am SO thankful I can’t even think straight. 

This will likely be my last update on the Inkshares website, as I’m going to move everything over to an email listserv. Next time ya’ll hear from me, I’ll have many more details about this new and exciting process! 

Thanks again everyone - this is truly a reader-driven platform and it appears the readers have spoken. You’re truly the best!


Hello (endlessly patient and wonderful) readers! 

Some good news today: we have a release date! The Phantom Forest will be available both online and in brick and mortar bookstores on NOVEMBER 13th, 2018. I know you’ve waited a long time to get these books into your hands, and I’ve been waiting a long time to see the finish line. Standby for more info about release-week festivities (which also falls on the week of my birthday!) as well as how to make sure your favorite bookstore has it in stock. For the most up to date info, be sure to follow along on Twitter (@liz_kerin). Once we have an Amazon page up and running I would love reviews from anyone who has read an advanced copy! 

SPEAKING OF REVIEWS: if you’re an Inkshares author who previously left a kind review on the book’s page, I’d love to pull a quote from your review for our back cover matter and additional promo materials. If you haven’t yet left a review but would like to cross-promote, please do so! I’d love to spread the word about your books as well.

Last but certainly not least - we have cover art! Titling and text is still in progress but artist Masha Stepanova created this stunning portrait of Seicha for the front cover and I couldn’t be more excited. See below!

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has stuck with me despite the long waiting period. Couldn’t have done it without you and I can’t wait for November 13th! 

Huge and Heartfelt Thanks,


Hi, readers! Welcome to 2018, also known as the year this book will, at long last, be in your hands. There have been a few delays to contend with which were out of my control, but now things appear to be moving along and, to celebrate, eBooks are now on sale for $7.99! Right now Phantom Forest is the #19 best seller in its genre, but I’ll bet we can do a lot better than that in the coming months before the big release. So if you feel like snagging an extra copy for a friend, take advantage of that sale!

I’ll update everyone as soon as I have release dates, official artwork, and social media pages set up. There’s much to be done in the next few months, but it will be an exciting process! Will keep everyone posted. Till then, enjoy the promise of an awesome new year and stay warm!



Hi Readers!

Why OF COURSE I have not forgotten you, how could I? Just wanted to shoot everyone a little update - we’re still in the production queue, with a few books ahead of Phantom Forest that were greenlit prior to mine. The queue looks to be moving ahead though, so once they’ve assigned me a copy editor we’ll be in the home stretch. What I’ve discovered throughout this process is that hybrid publishing often takes just as long as traditional publishing does, from final manuscript submission to seeing the work in stores! So I wanted to say thanks to all for your patience.

In the meantime: I know a lot of folks who pre-ordered the book work in Film/TV, and a few of you have asked for full reads. If you want to go about this process all officially and make an inquiry, feel feel to visit the book’s properties page: https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-phantom-forest/properties/wow 

Talk Soon!


Hey everyone! Whew, long time no talk, how’s life? I’ve got some fun updates about the project I thought I’d share today, if that’s all right with you!

I’m just a couple short days away from turning in my final manuscript to Inkshares after going through another round of developmental edits and beta-readers. Seeing the finish line is a beautiful thing! After that, the book goes on to copy/edit and I let the smart people at Inkshares do their thing. I also received some beautiful original sketches for the cover artwork yesterday! They’re so gorgeous and creative and as soon as I’m allowed to share something, I will! 

Last thing: it’s a bit of a favor to ask, from all of you! I’m gathering reviews from readers as we build a website/social media/etc and want to know a) If I can publish a review you previously posted on the book’s page or b) if you have NOT left a review, but either read excerpts or were a full-on beta reader, if you can leave one here on the book’s page that we can publish elsewhere! Or you can email/message me a little snippet. Whatever you’d prefer. I’d especially love kind words from other awesome authors on the site!

The ball is officially rolling, folks! Can’t wait to share more news in the coming months. It’s such a rush to finally see it all coming together. :)  Thanks again for everything!

Hi Readers! 

So, it’s been a minute - happy almost springtime (although it’s already pretty much summer here in Southern CA and back in NY you’re all still digging out of the snow trenches). I know things have been a little quiet during production, so I thought I’d give you all an update on what’s happening right now! 

I just sent the manuscript to a group of beta-readers who will be delivering their impressions to me soon, at which time I’ll do a few more tweaks on the draft and then deliver my final pass to the editors at Inkshares. Cover art is just getting underway, which I’m particularly excited for. I will certainly post some images when we feel good about what we’ve got! 

At the moment we don’t have an exact publication date scheduled yet, but the estimate still remains end of 2017 or January 2018. Once it’s officially official, you will of course all be the first to know. 

Thanks again for your continued excitement! 

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Congrats! Are you going to push for full pub?

Dear Readers,

It. Is. DONE! The Phantom Forest has reached its Quill publishing goal, which means the book will have a limited release in both print and digital! I’ve talked to a number of authors who have gone through this process before me, and the timeline is pretty similar to a traditional publishing calendar: there’s going to be an editing phase, beta-readers, design, and marketing planning, so the actual release date might not be for another 7-12 months, even though the manuscript itself is complete. But rest assured, as soon as I have an official release date, I’ll update everyone! You will have those signed copies in your hands and I will have callouses after signing all of them for you and I will love every minute of it.

Okay, so here is the part where I rattle off about a hundred thank yous... so sit tight!

I was fortunate to get an enormous boost this week from not one, not two, but THREE Inkshares syndicates! You’ll see little "medals" for each on the book’s main page - there’s the Staff Syndicate, which is run by members of the Inkshares team, then there’s the Fantasy syndicate, which backs that specific genre, and the Break the Bechdel Syndicate, which specializes in books with strong female leads. A huge, heartfelt thank you goes out to all the syndicate members who nominated the book and pushed it into the spotlight. You made a huge difference this week and helped it reach the tipping point!

Another thanks to the awesome folks who put together the book trailer for me, which made a major impact: there’s director David Diperstein, whose work you can check out here, and our lovely actress Jess Nurse.  I’m still so flattered that they made this beautiful trailer for me and I think it really helped to give everyone an idea of all the cinematic potential in this story. 

And then of course, there’s all of you, the readers! You thought you were just going online and buying some book you’d never heard of, but you also helped me accomplish a huge goal 5+ years in the making, you helped support an awesome new publishing startup, you graciously helped me raise money for the ACLU when I started feeling conflicted about the ethics of crowdfunding for a time, and you gave emerging filmmakers and artists exposure by watching and sharing our trailer and giving our cover artist the green light! 

Thank you, whether you’re an old, dear friend or a new supporter on the internet I’ve yet to meet in person. I can’t wait to start the next phase of this adventure! 



We are now approaching THE FINAL WEEK for The Phantom Forest to hit its publishing goal! It is, as they say, the final countdown. We’ve had an awesome week with tons of orders coming in (THANK YOU to everyone who jumped on the wagon!), but we still need 59 more for Inkshares to pull the trigger! 

So please do continue to tell your friends, your book clubs, your Twitter followers, etc! If you’re already a follower of the book here on Inkshares but haven’t yet pre-ordered, I’d love your support this week. And of course, MAJOR THANKS to everyone who has nominated the book for syndicate picks thus far! That is huge, and I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for good news on that front next week. 

This will be my final transmission until we hit the goal. So... GO TEAM! You know what to do!


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