Fernando Crôtte
The Phantom Forest is a beautifully dark, foreboding place where a dangerous demon with fading remorse and a sliver of conscience can find a glimmer of hope, a story of primal fears, blind faith, overcoming the evils inside and out, and redemption. Wow!
Annalie Gernert
THE PHANTOM FOREST is an impressive debut from writer Liz Kerin. It is a wholly original, beautifully written fantasy novel that reminded me of A WRINKLE IN TIME with added elements of the YA dystopian craze that has swept through publishing over the last few years. What sets it apart from others in its genre, however, is its deep meditations on life, death, spirituality and what it means to be human. This book deserves to make it out into the world and readers' hands - do whatever you can to read it!
Robert Batten
A powerful, chilling opening. In Seicha we find a strong, resourceful, and intelligent protagonist — a girl trying to survive in a harsh, engaging world. I'm looking forward to exploring that world in full when the book comes out.
Emily Coleman
This book creates a new world with its own mythologies, trials, and epic scenery. And even with so much new territory to cover, it also resonates on a deeply human level. A great read for anyone who loves a thrilling YA fantasy saga.
Cayla Keenan
The premise is immediately exciting, and written in such a way that I am sorely disappointed that this book isn't published already. Poetic, moving prose speeds the story along, peppered with gorgeous descriptions so vivid they jump off the page. Well done. 
Eric H. Heisner
Very excited to immerse myself in the world of the Phantom Forest. Written by a screenwriter with a passion for creating unique visuals and should do well in the Launchpad Competition!
Stephen Carignan
The Phantom Forest is a wonderful world for readers to engage in. I found the realm the author created felt as if it had its own history, complete with three dimensional characters and a wonderful story. I look forward to reading more.
Kyle T. Cowan
Liz's presentation shows that she is in it to win it. The trailer is great, and the prologue is gripping. Check this out!
Lena (Helena and Malena)
Immediately I was drawn in by the poetry of the descriptions, the care to world building. I also love her goal to write a wholly original new, dark fairy tale. Good stuff!
Daniel Poort
A great premise and a promising start. I'm anxious to see where this one goes