Stephen, Valerie, and Gregory don’t fit in. They’re bullied by other kids and misunderstood by adults, leaving them feeling out of place in the world they live in. So they make their own: a place of adventure and sorcery that they experience through a role-playing game. But while they escape into their own imaginary world, a dark power plots to enter theirs. Now the three friends will have to use their own gifts to fight the coming invasion, and we can only hope that the Otherworld Club will be victorious.

About the Author: I’ve been writing ever since I first figured out how to rearrange the alphabet to my liking. Stories are where I live, though the form they take can vary. From comedy articles and sci-fi short stories in high school, to a more dramatic writing and a fantasy novel as my senior thesis in college, to Dungeons & Dragons adventures at the game store where I work, I’ve always wanted to share the fictions that play constantly in my head. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this one.

I started The Otherworld Club as a project for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated) in 2011, partly inspired by the adventures and people I’ve discovered through Dungeons & Dragons. Over the next two years this book grew into a trilogy of breathless, 50000-words-in-a-month projects. Now I’m returning to the rough draft, in the hopes of freeing this story from the shackles of my hard drive and sharing it with all of you.