Anna is working on a discovery of a lifetime. Her finding may change the timeline of human history, propelling her to the all-stars-sky of archaeologists, if only she can prove the finding is real, not a hoax.

Ben has travelled from Tasmania to a remote lake in Finland to work in Anna’s project. His reputation as a pro cold-water diver precedes him - only for everything to blow up spectacularly, when he loses his diver colleague Elina mid-dive like a stumbling rookie.

Elina is an enthusiastic underwater archaeology student, trying to answer an age-old question: why have people of all eras and cultures believed in divine forces and afterlife? Now, she is missing, somewhere in the depths of a 60-meter deep crater lake, because of Ben’s blunder.

To make matters worse, obscure signs start appearing around the camp. Anna and Ben can’t comprehend what’s their meaning; and why do the omens seem to target the team members, one by one?


Anu Besson is a Finnish-Australian art historian who cultivates a long- standing passion for all things mysterious, including Nordic folk myths, eerie ghost stories and captivating mystery thrillers.