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That had me wanting to read more. Good job!
Chris Togneri

Chris Togneri's debut novel The Normal is anything but. A sci-fi thriller, love story and part homage to a great city, it is impossible to put down once you start reading. This is a stunning first novel from a writer set to become a major literary name. -- Ed Holt, British journalist working in Slovakia, who read the Normal as part of a focus group of readers.
Chris Togneri

The Normal is an outstanding debut novel that defies categorization. Combining elements of science fiction, mystery and suspense, author Chris Togneri has come up with the rarest of all literary feats: a story that is new in every way.-- Rege Behe, author of the forthcoming literary novel Low Flying Rockets.

Joann Bowlin
Chris Togneri is a brilliant journalist from Pittsburgh, PA. I wait every week for the next chapter, never to be disappointed, always feeling excited, anxious and just awe. The writer provides us with just enough content, leaving room for all of us wanting so much more.Remember the title THE NORMAL. Remember his name CHRIS TOGNERICongratulations, you are on your way to a very successful best seller.