12-year-old Geraldine Grey is a little girl with a big responsibility. As keeper of La Maison des Fantômes, the most haunted house in Louisiana, it’s her job to take care of the ghosts, which she does with the help of her trusty magic staff, Florry, and her best friend, the worrywart direwolf, Gabriel.

When an evil old witch steals Florry, Geraldine starts to realize just how big her responsibility is. Both she and the witch, Miss Agatha, are next in line to be Louisiana’s new Riverman of the Dead. If Geraldine doesn’t learn how to use her powers from scratch, Miss Agatha will become the new Riverman, then she’ll use Florry to release all the souls of the dead back into Louisiana.

Join Geraldine as she trains for the Contest, a magical battle between she and Miss Agatha to determine the new Riverman. She has no choice. If she doesn’t win, Miss Agatha will upset the balance between this world and the Other Side and then Geraldine will lose the ghosts forever.

At a completed 40,000 words, The Nine Graves of Geraldine Grey is a middle grade novel in the fine tradition of the Southern Gothic.

About The Author

George Arnof is an MFA Production graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and a fantasy author and screenwriter. She has been top 50 in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships and a finalist for the NBC Universal Writers on the Verge Program. George loves all things fantasy and sci-fi and is as dedicated a reader as she is a writer.