The New Economy will be a collection of short stories/novellas that seek to explore what has value when the world ends.

Whether the ammo needed to fight off zombies is worth more than a person’s life?

Whether opening your watertight sanctuary to save a wandering stranger is worth the risk in a sunken world?

What would you gamble to have your parents unconditional love surrounding you forever? What could possibly have more value than that?

The New Economy will explore various themes - the Supernatural will collide with Hard Science to produce intelligent, thought provoking tales that will leave you both shaken and awakened.

Weapons, Sustenance, Shelter and Family: These are the foundations of The New Economy.

A sample of some of the stories to be included:


When the zombie apocalypse hits worldwide, one bachelor, his new girlfriend and her twin toddlers must navigate a suddenly treacherous Boise, ID. Eventually finding refuge in a pawn shop, they soon learn about the value of human life.

The Tight

The ice caps have melted and the world is flooded. Rogue waves circle the planet, temporarily covering what land is left. In cities around the world, high rise buildings have been fashioned into watertight refuges. But they are far from safe; debris, supertankers and 200 foot waves of sea water threaten to topple even the tallest of towers. A lone American navigates a flooded Eurasia; what value does home even hold if it’s an impossible dream?

Nurturing Nature

Cloning is perfected. Aging is now controlled at will and immortality achieved. One scientist seeks to bring his parents back from the dead in newly minted clones, raised from embryos to adults. Will they love him like his original mother and father, or will disappointment abound on all sides? The value of their love is worth the risk of disaster to one desperate man.