What happens when the devices we use to control our digital identity becomes the source of control for our real identity?

This story comes from my own paranoia about the control new tech devices have over people’s time and attention. Operating systems and software applications are designed to have more of a seamless interaction with users. This story is about what could happen if that seamless interaction became unrecognizable.

About me: I have published my first book (Genesis - The Underman) on Amazon’s CreateSpace which is a prequel to a book series I’ve been writing and doing all illustrations myself for about five years. I’m constantly writing short story ideas and concepts for science fiction, some of which I turn into bigger projects. I’m always looking for feedback and support on my writing in hope that it will help to improve my content and also create a real conversation with people with the same interests.

I’m very interested in dystopian fiction. I think dystopian fiction is sometimes more relatable than other types of fiction. If someone can relate to something they believe is wrong with the world this creates more than a reading experience, it creates empathy. People are surrounded by more apathy every day and dystopian fiction is an acknowledgment of that observation. I’m not only interested in dystopian stories, but this tends to be my favorite genre. Some of my favorite science fiction authors are Phillip K Dick, Frank Herbert, Cordwainer Smith, Harlan Ellison, William Gibson, and Neil Stephenson.

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