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Hi Faith, sorry for the lack of updates… we hit some unexpected editorial and production snags but everything is good to go now. Just giving things one last proofread and hoping to ship the books out soon.
- Troy
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Hey, just curious if there’s an update when this book will be ready?

Hey Music / Lit lovers 

Thanks again for your support. We’re one-third through the campaign for our Music anthology and it’s probably time to crank things up a bit. 

So let's start with the exciting addition of some limited edition bonus items

With every individual / Music Lover pre-order you have a chance to win any of the following: 

• 1 of 20 Little Fiction “fuck yeah short stories” tote bags (seen here

• 1 of 50 sets of Little Fiction cover art postcards based (set of 8) 

• 1 of 20 signed Music anthology posters 

• 1 of 20 sets of Music anthology stickers (set of 5) 

And with every multiple / Die Hard pre-order, you’ll be eligible to win: 

• 1 of 10 anthology-inspired mix tapes (on an actual tape. Tape player / Walkman not included. But we’ll gladly throw in a download link.) 

For those who have already pre-ordered, consider yourself eligible. And please, help us spread the word. The only way to get your book is if we hit our pre-order goal and we need your continued help to make that happen. 

Lastly, but certainly not least (leastly?), we’ve posted an excerpt from Megan Stielstra’s amazingly fantastic (and Jane's Addiction-fueled) essay, “Stop Reading and Listen.” 

The mighty Roxane Gay says of Megan’s writing, “Stielstra is a masterful essayist.” And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we think you stop reading this and start reading that. 

So on that note, thanks again. 

Talk soon, 

Troy + Amanda  

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Hey everyone

Thanks again for helping us fund the Little Fiction | Big Truths Music anthology.

To show you how much we appreciate the support, we’re throwing in some freebies that you’ll all have a chance to win:

If you pre-order (or have already pre-ordered) the MUSIC LOVER option, you’ll get a shot at:

• 1 of 20 Little Fiction “fuck yeah short stories” tote bags (these were a hit at AWP15)
• 1 of 50 sets of limited edition Little Fiction cover art postcards (set of 5)
• 1 of 20 signed Music anthology posters
• 1 of 20 sets of custom-designed anthology-themed stickers (set of 5) (perfect for your laptop or that guitar case you have sitting in the corner)

And for those who pre-order (or who have already pre-ordered) the DIE HARD option:

You’ll get a chance to win 1 of 10 anthology-inspired mix tapes custom made by the Little Fiction | Big Truths crew (download link will be included).

Thanks again. And don't forget to keep spreading the word to help make this book happen.

Troy + Amanda

Hey folks

Thank you so much for backing and following our upcoming Music anthology. The collection is starting to come together nicely, and we’re adding new authors every day.

We’ve also got a teaser trailer that you can check out, set fittingly to “In The Music” by The Roots.

But for our first update, we’d like to introduce you to the writers we have so far… 

Trevor Corkum, author of our first posted story, Thursday Night Karaoke, is a Pushcart and Journey Prize nominated writer whose most recent publications include Grain and The Malahat Review. If you’re a publisher looking for the next great story collection, contact his agent. Or us, we’ll put you in touch. 

Jay Hosking’s debut novel, Three Years With The Rat, is forthcoming from Penguin / Hamish Hamilton (Summer, 2016). In addition to being a writer, Jay is a also Neuroscience post-doc at Harvard and is finishing up a Creative Writing MFA at the University of British Columbia. Oh, and he’s a musician, too. Probably would have been quicker to list the things he isn’t. 

Mensah Demary is the editor-in-chief of Specter Magazine, literary editor of Fourculture Magazine, and is co-curator for the LIT Brooklyn music and reading series. He is also a columnist for The Butter, where in his Liner Notes column he writes about the music of his life. For our Music anthology, we hear he’s going to be writing about J Dilla’s Donuts. Sweet.

Wendy C. Ortiz is a Los Angeles native and the author of Excavation: A Memoir (Future Tense Books, 2014) which Bustle called “powerful and gripping, the story of a woman learning to reclaim her heart and her voice.” She is also the author of the newly released Hollywood Notebook (Writ Large Press, 2015), and the forthcoming Bruja (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016).

Steve Karas’ stories have previously appeared in the anthologies Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline (Enfield & Wizenty, 2013) and Bully (KY Story, 2015). His debut story collection, Kinda Sorta American Dream, is due out from Tailwinds Press, Fall 2015. You can read the title story here

Will Johnson is a writer and journalist currently calling Nelson, BC his home. His stories have appeared in numerous publications throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here’s Will on his story for the collection, If They Had Music.

Christopher Evans is the prose editor for PRISM Magazine, one of Canada’s most celebrated literary journals. His story for the music collection can’t be easily described. But we can tell you it’s pretty awesome. And it involves Sonic Youth. Which is also awesome.

Beth Gilstrap is the editor-in-chief of Atticus Review and author of I Am Barbarella, a fantastic debut story collection out now from Twelve Winters Press. We talked to Beth recently about music and writing (among other things) in an interview you can read here

That’s it for now. Back with more authors and another story from the collection soon. 


Troy + Amanda

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