About The Midnight Warriors:

The Midnight Warriors is a middle grade novel playing out the story of two teenage assassins, Clara Lemondola and Damien Richards. These two are polar opposites, with very little in common other than their friendship.

Clara is the highlight of 7th grade with her infectious attitude, not to mention she’s the daughter of a millionaire. She’s the girl everybody looks up to.

Damien’s a social outcast but also the child of a millionaire, even though no kid dares to come near him. Think of the quiet, shady guy next door.

Damien and Clara are both recruited at the same organization that takes kid assassins as the secret superheroes of the world. Problem is, nobody knows who the other person is (because of a simple mask they wear), and everybody is forced to change themselves to a totally different person to his their identities. This forces Clara and Damien to be sworn enemies, which complicates things.

Clara’s mother gets a text one day saying that Damien was kidnapped, and that her daughter must come to save him at the hands of the world’s worst criminal, General Skylock. Clara must make the hard decision to risk everything and go save him, or let her family’s century old secret organization fall at her hands.

Along the way, Clara discovers long lost relatives, two assassins that might be familiar, and a shocking discovery that could save or start the next big war in history.

This book circles around the strength of friendship, and how strong a family is, even with cuts and bruises.

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