Purvi Weerasinghe
The Midnight Warriors is captivating! I've read all sorts of novels, but this story is truly special and you won't regret meeting it's quirky, but lovable characters and plunging into the world of assassins and suspense. All in all my most beloved book.
Samitha Walpola
This is the translation of a dream. I cannot find the right words to eloquently describe her achievement and her perseverance to make this dream a reality. I am kindly requesting Inkshares to help this young star SHINE!!
Janadhi Magage
The books seems awesome and far more than you expect from a debut novel of a teenage writer. It starts off as a regular novel and builds suspense little by little which makes it more interesting!!!!!!!
Reader Writer
I think this book has a special twist and a unqiue way of writing, not just as a sister but as a hooked reader who can give feedback!!
Reader Writer
This book was a great book. I love how there were different view points
Reader Writer
This is the best book I have read. I am so proud of my sister, and encourage all young writers and readers to read her book. As her little sister making a request to help review or order her book
Reader Writer
Amazing Book. WOW! 
Reader Writer
What a captivating story. I can' t wait to read the entire book Inkshares please help this aspiring author to get this book published!!
Uditha A. Wijesuriya
This book is absolutely awesome. I really enjoyed the cute story. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. All the best Nirmani !!!
This young writer seems well talented and has found her path to go. Its an awesome book and I highly recommend all the young readers to read this book. Its actually a book for reeaders in any age. I wish this young auther all the very best!