The Midnight Cure is the first book in an expansive fantasy series. It follows Ivor and Silas as they journey across Boreal, a world ruled by the whims of Fae and natural magic. For most their trip they traverse across the Aimless Lands where acid storms, territorial folk, and nightmarish beasts are the least of their worries.

Meet the Characters

Ivor ~ After growing up in Boreal, he finds himself more folk than human. He has many secrets- from his past, to the aims of his journey, to the nature of his own immortality. But Ivor isn’t concerned with using the cure to help himself. He’s looking for it to end the suffering of those he sees as his family, the most respected and feared astral beings, the Grim Reapers.

Silas ~ The powers he was born have given him many blessings throughout life. He holds influence within the Church, has connections to the magi Order, and adores the social games of high society. But literal ghosts of his past haunt him. They’re reminders of how fragile his status is and how his consumption of emotions is uncontrollable. Now he’s set out to find the one being he believes can end his curse, and is willing to do anything to find him.