The Midnight Cure is the first book in a YA fantasy series. Following Ivor as he searches for the cure to immortality, he meets people who’s stories become intimately intertwined with his own, across two worlds with their own unique dangers.

Meet the Characters

Ivor ~ After growing up in the Borealis for seven years, he finds himself more folk than human. He has many secrets from his past, to the aims of his journey, and the biggest one of all- the nature of his own immortality. But Ivor isn’t concerned with using the cure to help himself. He’s looking for it to end the suffering of those he sees as his family, the most respected and feared astral beings of both worlds, the Grim Reapers.

Violet ~ A magi prodigy, she will soon become Ayana, a representative for Indigenous Peoples of North America for the Order of Merlin. It’s a large responsibility her whole life has been building up to. In her last year before she takes the position, she decided to help train her sisters before their apprenticeships. She’s also got a ’thing’ going on with the local mechanic that she knows won’t go anywhere. But when Ivor shows up, demanding that she become his master in magi magic, her future and feelings become a complicated mess.

Lily ~ Nothing is going to get in the way of her dream of becoming a Deadman. Warlock hunter, loose cannon, freelance mage, it’s all she’s ever wanted to be. She doesn’t need Violet’s so called help, she’s a natural. She only agreed to go to the Lantern Church because she knew it would make Daisy happy for the three of them to be together one last time. So, whatever, she’ll get through the year gritting her teeth, but the cute Demonic girl in the cottage next door might make time go by faster...

Daisy ~ The academy was a nightmare for her. After the death of their mother, she refused to be separated from her older sister Lily, not even by grade. She knows she’s not as strong as her sisters, but she still wants to make her family proud. Becoming a Priestess sounded respectable enough and that’s what’s she’s aiming for, and she was hoping Violet could help her. But them being together has only made her feel lonelier for some reason. Then the boy from the Borealis appeared, and her heart did a flip.

Silas ~ Used to being kept at a distance due to the undead posse floating around him, he was looking for a way to the Borealis when he stumbled upon the humble refuge of the Lantern Church. He’s quite fond of the social game humans play, secrets and lies being his type of currency, and when he meets the inhabitants upon his reprieve, he instantly decides to stay and mingle. A kinship forms between him and Lily as he helps her develop an innate talent they share. But his eyes are truly on Ivor, and not just for his great ass, but for his possible usefulness in his greater ambitions.